Monday, September 9, 2013

Pics of Nedra's and Lisa's Bikes

I'm so excited! Nedra and Lisa have both finished their bikes.  Well, Nedra's is all done and Lisa's top is done, and she is moving onto the quilting stage.  And I get to share them with you!!! :)

They were so kind and generous and patient to test the pattern for me!  And I love how theirs turned out!  I've really been looking forward to this day. :)

First up is Lisa's quilt top.  She used Madhuri, and it looks so cool.  I like that she changed up her border so she could use more of the cool prints. You can read her blog post here.

I think she also may be still planning to embellish her basket.

So cute!

Nedra's is equally amazing.  You can read all about it in her blog post today, here.  She used all solids and made it to match her own aqua cruiser with a white basket.  She said I could copy a photo or two from her blog post but my computer's not letting me, so I will post these "in progress" photos that she sent me during the construction phase. You'll have to head over to her blog to see her finished quilt, which also has the most amazing quilting done on it by Pat Roche! (look for the butterfly)

Nedra's actual cruiser, which she rides every day. :)


 Some in progress photos..

The solids look so crisp!  If you ever feel the need to make your own cruiser quilt, the pattern is available as PDF here on Craftsy, and will be available at other places very soon in paper form.  I'm supposed to receive the first paper copy today, and if all looks well, I can order some more.  Then you'll be able to also order paper copies on Etsy, Triangles on a Roll, Riley Blake, and Fat Quarter Shop!! :)  Eeek!

Ooh, also I can't say enough how easy HSTs go together with Triangles on a Roll.  I'm so glad Nedra wrote to me and told me about them.  I'm not kidding.  I'm getting ready to start on something new, and it will have over 120 HSTs, and I know I'll have them done in 30 minutes.  I think they are something like $12 per roll, but there are 800 on a roll so you can stretch them out over several projects.  So worth it! 

I kind of want to make another bike someday, with a red print for the frame, black polka dot tires, and linen background.. maybe someday..  I also think a guy one would be cool.. with flames coming out of the basket. haha  Maybe I should make a little accessory pattern to the pattern.. basket with flames. ;)

Thanks for reading!  I promise to stop blogging about this pattern soon! :)

Hope you're beating the Monday Blues!



Congratulations on creating such a great pattern! Good luck with it :-)

Fun options! I think you totally need to make a range of basket contents as an add on :oD

the pattern looks amazing, Kelli! Flames would be so rad, go for it :D

Congrats on your success with the Mod GeoCruiser! Can't wait to see it in Houston!

These are both so fab as are yours!

Nedra said...

It's really fun to see Lisa's Mod GeoC, too! What a great pattern!

Maria said...

What a great pattern you designed and both ladies have created a beautiful version of it...

OH what fun! I love seeing the different versions of your pattern! I was looking it over on Craftsy earlier today. I'm trying to make a fabric plan before I jump on and take that pattern for a ride!!!

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