Sunday, October 20, 2013

Buster's Stink-Eye, and the Pacific International Quilt Festival

Oh my goodness! Life has been so busy!! Birthdays, sick dogs, and quilt shows, in one week! 

Yesterday we went to Santa Clara to the Pacific International Quilt Festival.  So fun! So many cool quilts to see! Every shape, size, color, and genre.

Austin loved this kitty quilt. (I loved watching him love it.)

Modern, traditional, applique, etc.  Eye candy galore.

So cool! The train was very popular with the boy, too. ;)

So many amazing things to see.. AND.. I was so excited to meet Pat Roche, the owner of Triangles on a Roll and amazing machine quilter, and Nedra, of Cactus Needle Quilts who is a sales rep for them.  They have been so amazing.  It was great to meet them.  They are even NICER in person, if that was even possible.

Here are Nedra and Pat in their TOAR booth.

That is Nedra's Mod GeoCruiser hanging up behind them, right next to her AMAZING Indian Blanket quilt.  She was such a patient and helpful pattern tester for the MGC!

Here is a photo of my two patterns for sale in their booth with lots of others.  So exciting! (Don't tell anyone either but I wanted to STEAL that polka dot quilt hanging next to the patterns.. so cute!) All of the patterns are available on their website, too.  

And here's one of Nedra and I.. (Austin was in love with the Wiggle Worms quilt in the background, and wouldn't let me leave without a copy of that pattern-ha!)

..and a sneaky one that my Dad took of her showing Austin and I some of their product..

It was a shorter than usual trip to a quilt show, b/c when you take a seven year old and drag your visiting parents along, you can't expect to last the whole day there. ;)  But we all had a good time, and my Dad was esp. ecstatic to see the new stadium being built for the SF 49ers.  Which was right across the street from the Convention Center.

In other news of the week, Austin turned SEVEN!  Which was lots of fun having my parents and my inlaws both here for the birthday cake this year. :)  He loved his day.  I don't know where the time has gone!  He's getting to be such a big boy!

And Buster is still wearing his huge cone/satellite dish/lamp shade.. and giving me the stink eye for it at every opportunity he gets. :/

Which usually earns him lots of sympathy, and chin scratches and belly rubs.. and supervised time without his cone on.  But we've discovered he needs to be supervised even when it's on b/c he got if off somehow (he's very crafty) the other night and licked the scab off of his wound. :(  We will all be glad when this week is over and he can ditch it for good! He's healing up quite nicely, and it can't come soon enough!

Speaking of, off to give him his medicine, and get Mr. Sonny into the bath, and ready for bed! Always something to do-never a dull moment. :D



Bev C said...

Hello Kelli,

What a variety of quilts at the show. Happy Birthday to Austin, love the photo of him looking up at the cat quilt. You must be so proud to see your pattern up there for everyone to buy.

Happy days.

Nedra said...

It was so great to meet you Kelli! A quilt store came by today and bought 3 of your Mod GeoC patterns and raved about the design :) And my pics of us both turned out blurry, so I may have to borrow one of yours. Your dad WAS sneaky! So nice to meet your family too!

Claire said...

Poor Buster - hope is all healed soon. Happy birthday Austen! Kelli, be careful as 7 suddenly becomes 15...along with hair, shaving and a massive growth spurt.

Oh My goodness it looks like you had a ton of fun! I like several of the quilts you showed us, I am always amazed by just how creative the human mind is!

A has good taste - the wiggle worms are so cute! Yay for Mod Geo!

Glad you all had fun, whether it was quilts or stadiums floating your boat ;o) Happy birthday to the wee man!

Congrats on your pattern success again (does it feel "real" now, when it´s in a real booth on a real quilt market? ) and thanks for virtually taking me along with you on the show!!!

jen said...

What a busy but fun week!

Poor Buster man! Only a few more days in the cone of shame:)

That picture of Buster is framable! Seriously cute and sad and pathetic.

The Pacific International Quilt Show is so amazing. I haven't been since moving back to San Diego, but boy did I love it when I was living up there. So much talent all in one room. And enough vendors to make your head spin and your wallet empty.

Your son…SO cute! Happy birthday to the big 7-year-old!!

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