Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Crafting and Quilty Excitement!

When my son decided he wanted to be Splat the Cat for Halloween, I knew that the eyes would be the hardest part of the costume to get right. Rob Scotton's books (Russell the Sheep is one of his other book characters) have great illustrations, and the eyes practically jump off of the page in 3D.  So off to my local craft store I went for some simple white felt and skinny elastic, hoping to make some kind of eye mask that would work.

I think I did it! I cut four circles out of white felt by tracing around a drinking glass. Then I layered two together, and sewed a quarter inch from the edge leaving about an inch open to stuff.  Before stuffing, I sewed another small circle in the middle.  Then I stuffed all the way around the small circle and sewed the outer edge closed. Then I used my seam ripper to cut out the inner circle.  It worked perfectly on the felt.  Then I just colored a little green marker around the inner circle, b/c according to my son, Splat's eyes are green. :)

The two eyes are hand stitched together in the middle, and then I just sewed a length of skinny elastic to each side.  Eye mask! It is so cute on, I hope the costume turns out to look okay all together tomorrow night.

In quilty news, I was sooo so very excited to find pics of my tools quilt being shown at the Triangles on a Roll school house at Quilt Market.  (I borrowed this photo from the Canton Village Quilt Works facebook page)

They also showed Nedra's Mod GeoCruiser at their school house. It was on Canton Village's facebook page too!  

And Nedra texted me a photo of Mod GeoCruiser hanging in the Riley Blake booth!  Aaaccckkk!  Pinch me for sure!!!  

And this is a pic of the Triangles on a Roll booth in Houston, with Tools, Baby!! hanging there!  I still can't believe it!  I really do love all of the TOAR products. 

And Nedra's ModGeo hanging on the outer wall of the booth..

It's been a fun year with some super exciting twists and turns. Thanks for following along with me!  I will try to blog about other sewing related things now, besides these two patterns. hehe  

Things like what Splat the Cat ended up looking like..  :) And what I've been sewing lately.

Speaking of Halloween, it can't be Halloween until you've gotten lost in a corn maze.

Happy Fall!!! xoxoxox (a HUGE corn maze..)


Ellen said...

Such exciting times for you - congratulations!

Gene Black said...

Great idea for the eye mask! You know we would all love to see your son dressed up in the Splat costume.

quiltmania said...

I did check out your quilts at market. Fabulous. I was told that someone had already sent you pictures, but I took a few just in case. They looked fabulous hanging in the booths, both Riley Blake's and Triangles on a Roll. Congrats all around!

Mara said...

VERY EXCITING! That is just so super cool, Congratulations!

Congratulations Kelli! How very exciting and rewarding. Well deserved! Happy Halloween....

Looking forward to seeing Splat! Glad you were able to 'virtually' attend Market too :o)

Congratulations!! Cant wait to see the cat. :)

CeLynn said...

Congrats on your quilt features :)

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