Saturday, October 5, 2013

This Week's Happy Photos

Thanks so much for all of your comments re: the Tools, Baby!! quilt.  It was so much fun to sew up!  I've been working on the pattern this week, and the quilt will be all done soon. :)  While I was sewing it up, I was going through some jelly roll strips of checks and dots, trying to decide which to use in the quilt top, when I noticed that my ink pen that I keep on my sewing table, and my pencil are just that.. checks and dots. :D 

Happy Photo.

Happy Computer.

Happy Swimming Dog.

This dog is never happier than when swimming.  Since their breed was developed for water rescue, he has very strong water instincts. This time, he saw something sparkly way out there, and I could tell he was focused on it. (I think it was a leaf or something turned just the right way in the sun.)  He took off and swam out after it, and when he got out there, the angle must have shifted so he couldn't see it anymore.. he turned around and swam back to shore.  Only to see it sparkle in the sun again.  Off he went again, swam all the way out to it, and tried to grab it with his mouth?? And swam back when he realized it was nothing.  I'm confident that if I were thrashing in the middle of the lake he would swim out to me and drag me back to the shore.. I'm not in a hurry to have first-hand proof of that though..;)

He sure is a messy eater though.. and today we brushed two buckets of hair off of him. :/  Shedding to get his winter coat maybe.. Ugh.  Still a happy photo though.. check out his foamy mouth. ha! Such a sweetie though.

Happy sweet boy playing (in my sewing room, can you tell?) while I was sewing.. Not the best photo but check out the back of his shirt.  Maybe the floor of my sewing room is not the best place to play in a black shirt.. or any shirt.

If you look closely, there's even some in his hair. haha

Sweet, thoughtful boy that he is, he took it upon himself to wash Buster's toys.. or else he just wanted to play in the water. Either way it's a win/win for Buster.

Stay tuned later this week to see if I can make this pile of things turn into a decent looking Splat the Cat costume. He's not into scary sinister things, so has never picked a "scary" Halloween costume.  (unlike one of his little school besties who wants to be a zombie mailman..??? hehe) So seeing if I can turn this.. (got the fur and felt today)

..into a decent version of this cat.. he loves Splat books right now.

I hope he looks even remotely like Splat the Cat on Halloween. Buster will be wearing this on Halloween and walking with us this year. :)  Mr. Rufferee. We actually found one that fits him! Unbelievable, I know.

So, that's what we've been up to this week/weekend so far. Thanks again for the sweet comments re: the tools quilt.  You convinced me to just go for it and write a pattern and see what happens. :) Hope you're having a great weekend!



Keep us posted on the latest pattern developments! I am concerned however if your little man is gonna be a cat for Halloween, how is Buster going to react? YIKES!

Carla said...

What a fun post! I will have to look for that book for my grand girls. Your dog is beautiful by the way . Big dogs are the best kind

Wendy said...

Lots of lovely happy things! It's fun reading about Buster and your sweet boy too. xx

Claire said...

So you have a thread monster at your house too! Unbelievable...Love the dog and the boy - very sweet, at least he was outside when he 'cleaned' - mine always seem to 'clean' inside making way more mess than before...treasures!

Splat the Cat is a hit here too (and we live in Newfoundland!).

Loved your blog - and just let me say I'm so glad to see your son's black shirt. Good to see I'm not the only one. :-)

All happy stuff Kelli. You are in the groove.

jen said...

Do you think Buster could come over and teach Sherman and Leroy how to swim? Please?!:)

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