Sunday, November 10, 2013


Well, not much sewing has been happening lately.. Seems like we all got attacked with horrible allergies with a cold thrown in for good measure, and then it was my week to work in my son's classroom, and there was also another field trip.  But, at the end of this past week, my girlfriend invited over myself, and two other moms--our kids all went to preschool together--for a catch-up and some fun.

She had been cruising Pinterest, and found a Christmas craft and had it all set up for us. We had a great time visiting, and came home with a snowman candy jar.  I like how they each kind of have their own personality and all turned out a little bit different.  Can you guess which one is mine?

They are made with a small terra cotta pot, a small glass bowl, and a wooden knob.  A little paint, glue, ribbon and glitter.. Super simple, and I even think it'd be a great craft to do with your kids.

Thanks, Angela! :D

Yep, mine was the one with the funky hat..

That was the creative highlight of the week, since the rest of it was spent largely on "Operation Clean the House" (our house is in dire need of a good deep clean!) and volunteering at the school.

The field trip that my son's class went on was a walking field trip this time (it was their second field trip in two weeks).  The first field trip they went on was on Halloween Day, and it was to see a play/musical called Henry and Mudge (based on the children's books) at our local Jr. College.  About a boy and his giant dog.  I think Mr. Sonny related to it quite well. :)  hehe

Then, this past Thursday, they went on their second field trip.  They walked to In-n-Out Burger.  

A west coast family owned burger chain that started out in Southern Cal in the 1940's. Which was about a mile away from school.  A few of us parents walked along to help chapperone them/herd them (30 of them!) across a couple of busy streets.  They had so much fun.  Such an adventure for them.

I'm not gonna lie.. my first thought was.. Why would they take a bunch of first graders to a fast food place for a field trip?

BUT.. it was such a great learning experience for them!  (And for the grown-ups, too)  They took them all through the back of the restaurant, walked them through the food prep, and then let them order at the counter all by themselves.  We learned that nothing there is ever frozen.. everything is delivered and prepped fresh every day.  There's not even a freezer on site.  Now, it's still not the healthiest food ever, BUT.. at least if you want to have an occasional treat, and who doesn't.. you know that it's fresh. 

Here's a pic of my fry boy about to take his turn at pushing a freshly peeled potato through the potato slicer. Those employees get a workout!

Life just seems so fresh and simple in the first grade doesn't it?  It's going by so fast, I wish he would stay little.. not forever.. but just for a little bit longer. Such a fun time.

Thanks for dropping by!  Hopefully I'll have a little sewing of my own to share soon.  I will also have another Tools, Baby!! quilt to share sometime soon. :)  Kelie at CraftNurseQuilt is giving my pattern a test/go and is almost done. Thanks, Kelie!  Here's a little tiny sneak peak of her tools.

Have a great week!

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Sandy said...

cute snowman candy dish idea!

sunny said...

Yep, I picked your snowman! And I LOVE In 'n Out! The highlight of any trip to southern California. How fun to help make French fries.

Nedra said...

We have a lot of In and Out Burgers here in our part of Arizona, and when we crave hamburgers it's the place we go.
Good for you for volunteering and being involved in your son's activities. These days go by too quickly.

Sewing Mom said...

How the little snowmen...very creative. =)

Love your little snowmen! So cute!

CeLynn said...

In ~ N ~ Out is one treat I miss from Cali :) Your little fry cook is adorable!

I have to say, I was very impressed to see real potatoes in the In N Out! We don't have that chain here, but I'm giving them fresh props anyway. Loving first grade. G told me today she and her friend Molly are sharing a boyfriend because he is the cutest boy in class, and they all hold hands on the playground. That will not fly in 9th grade, I am guessing.

I totally knew that was your snowman!

Can't think what the boy found in common with that play... ;o)

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