Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quilted Sock Monkey Zip Pouch

Since making my son a sock monkey quilt when he was two, I've been in love with sock monkeys.

Am I too old to love sock monkeys? Oh well.  I do. :) I still have some of the leftover fabric from his quilt, and when I tested some blocks for my friend Beth's Kickin' Stash pattern, I made this sock monkey block.

Fast forward almost two years, I think?  (that's how long this little block has been waiting for its forever home) And I find out via Facebook that my cousin's daughter is an avid lover of sock monkeys. :)  A girl after my own heart. ;) With her mom's permission, I give you proof:

Here she is with her soccer teammates watching the US soccer team play.  Love the hat!

Her Halloween costume this year. So cute!

When I saw her costume, I knew that this block needed to go to her somehow.  So I first thought of making a pillow, but the ball fringe incident may or may not have ruined that idea. ;) You don't want to know, and I won't be using ball fringe again any time soon. So I trimmed the fringe off, and decided I still had a big enough block to make a zip pouch. I'm soo glad the ball fringe pillow idea ended up being an epic fail b/c now I can't imagine this block as anything other than the zip pouch that it was clearly destined to be. :)

A quick study of this noodlehead tutorial, since this is the first zip pouch I've ever attempted, and away I went. I also wanted to try some FMQ (also a first) on it.  I found a scrap of batting, and a square of muslin, and did simple loops after practicing on a scrap. It went.. okay.  I was pretty happy with it, except for this spot in the middle that I missed. But you can't tell at all on the finished pouch.

I washed and dried the quilted block before going any further so it would be crinkly.  Then I cut it in half.

And used each half as a template to cut the lining halves.

Then I needed a zipper.. and while out getting the zipper, I found a little felt sock monkey doodad to put on the zipper pull.

I hadn't ever used the zipper foot on my machine either!  It all went smoothly, though, after some manual reading.. ;)

Then I decided to box the corners, another never-before-tried thing, and it worked!  I am really happy with how the whole thing turned out!!  It turned out to be the perfect size for pencils or make-up, etc.  

And for the end of the zipper, I made a little tab to cover it out of the sock monkey banana fabric by fussy cutting this sweet banana bunch.

I think she will like the lining, too.. it all turned out way better than I expected it to.  There may just be more zip pouch making in my future.

When I set out to make this I had no idea that her birthday was this weekend!  So.. I found some little felt sock monkey stickers, and a couple of other goodies to put inside and here it is, all ready to go to its new home in Austin, TX.  Happy Birthday to Kylie! :D (I'm sure she doesn't know my blog exists, so there's no way this will ruin her surprise.)

If you made it all the way to the end, thanks for reading the saga of the quilted sock monkey zip pouch. :)


Ellen said...

Cute little pouch! You did such a great job with the little details - she is sure to love it.

Vicki H said...

I can hear the happy squeal of a teenager already. The pouch is too cute for words.

Melinda said...

Very cute - my husband has a sock monkey collection and I made him a sock monkey quilt and pillowcases. I think I used almost all the fabric so no leftovers.

quiltmania said...

Adorable! I'm sure she will love it.

Cute! the quilt block is also pretty. I like the sock monkey costume!

That is so cute! I just know she'll love it!

Dude, this rocks so hard! What a lucky birthday girl. Her Halloween costume is super adorable, too.

Your pouch is very cute.

Nicole said...

Very cute!
I'm sure Kylie will love it!

Is it weird I want one and I'm grown?

Lovely. I am sure the girl will be thrilled.

Jeneta said...

Super cute! I love the fussy cut bananas! We have just started renovating and as I was clearing out some of my craft stuff I came across some Original Rockford Red Heel socks for making sock monkeys!!

kylie said...

Thank you SOOOO much Kelli!!!! She is going to absolutely love and treasure this!!! You did an awesome job!!!!!!

kylie said...

Thank you SOOOO much Kelli!!!! She is going to absolutely love and treasure this!!! You did an awesome job!!!!!!

Karen H said...

Wow, the pouch turned out great - very cute! I'm sure the birthday girl will love it.

S o very many thoughts:

1. OMG is Kylie the cutest thing ever or WHAT? That Halloween costume I'm literally without words. It's amazing.
2. Don't be so sure she doesn't know the blog exists - one of Eva's BFFs follows mine. :)
3. But either way, she'll love it so much. The pouch is so darn adorable! In every possible way!
4. So happy you used the KS block.
5. I almost passed out at the photo of the KS block cut in half. The horror! But it all turned out well in the end.
6. I want to make zip pouches now. Perfect for the 16 year old niece who needs nothing but every kid needs a place to put makeup, jewelry, hair doodles, etc. So thanks for the inspiration.

Sarah J. said...

So cute! Watch out, those pouches are addicting! I made some as thank you gifts for my daughter's teachers last year and am making more now as Xmas gifts. I thought they would help use up scraps but now I keep buying fabric thinking how cute it would look as a pouch. Oh well!

Tami C said...

Happy Birthday Kylie! The pouch turned out great It's very cute!

Such a cute pouch!! Happy Birthday! I was at Cracker Barrel and they have a line of all kinds of sock monkey items!

Lisa Lisa said...

Cute! I bet she'll love it because it looks like she's a little crazy about sock monkeys! Good job on the zipper!

jen said...

That zip pouch is so adorable Kelli!

You are uber creative Kelli! She is gonna love this! Do I see another pattern in your future?

so darn cute!! and no- nobody is ever too old to love sock monkeys! they're so fun!

Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

This is so adorable! Love it!

Wendy said...

So cute Kelli, looks like the perfect gift for her!

Leonie said...

What an adorable and thoughtful pressie Kelli - I am sure she is going to be thrilled!

Sarah said...

Very cute! Kylie kinda looks like she's dressed as Where's Wally with the red and white stripes and beanie on! Did you make the small pouch in Noodleheads tutorial? I just looked it up the other day and wondered what size I might start with.

Matthias said...

Since making my son a sock monkey quilt when he was two, I've been in ...

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