Thursday, December 5, 2013

Quilted Zip Pouch with Welt Pockets

Hi!! (hand waving)
Hope you have recovered from Thanksgiving weekend and the adjustment of getting back to a normal schedule after four days off, and are having a great week! I ended up at the Dr. on Tues., and am finally feeling better and getting rid of this resp. thing I had over Thanksgiving.  It's been brutal! 

I have finally felt like sewing again so I tackled this zip pouch. It has a back story..

The other day, mr. sonny asked me to make him a zip pouch, but he wanted pockets on the sides of his. ?? He even drew me a picture with diagrams. Complete with arrows making sure the right sides of the fabric and lining are facing the right direction, and making sure I know where the zipper goes. :)

He first said he wanted it to be a pyramid, but with pockets on the sides.. (like the one from the last post) That sounded a bit too complicated for me, so I got busy yesterday, and figured out a way to put pockets on the sides .. of a square pouch.  He said it could be rectangle if it couldn't be a pyramid, but I thought a square one would make the side pockets be able to be deeper.  Plus, it will hold more Legos or whatever he puts in there. It's not snug like an iPad case, but it's also big enough to hold an iPad mini with a few other things so might make a good travel bag.

I made a welt pocket on the outside on both sides so it has plenty of storage options for him.

He also mentioned loving the felt sock monkey zipper pull that I put on the sock monkey pouch, so I fussy cut a train and stuffed it to make a zip pull.  And fussy cut a bike to put on the tab end of the zipper.

It was super fun to make! Someone commented on a FB pic asking how I made it so tomorrow I will post pics, etc of how it all came together.  I found a couple of really helpful tutorials so stay tuned tomorrow, and thanks for dropping by! :D  Fingers crossed that he will love it!



Melody said...

You did a fabulous job - it looks wonderful and practical too.

This is so adorable! I love pocket details and the fabric you used.

Very very cute! Love the stuffed pull.
Glad you are on the road to recovery!

quiltmania said...

Of course he will love it, after all, he did design it! LOL. Glad you are feeling better.

You're such a good Momma! I know I would LOVE that pouch if I were his age! But, I would have been putting my hot wheels in it! Is this a Christmas gift for him?

Hilachas said...

Glad you're feeling better now. I like how the pouch turned out. That's an interesting way to make the zipper pull. Hmmm, I'll try to remember that.

Very Cute! I'd love one of those, too.

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