Thursday, January 16, 2014

An almost Friday Finish

The other day I grabbed a jelly roll and just started sewing.. I had been intrigued by the Jelly Roll Race technique.  And a couple of days ago, I finished the quilt. I started and finished a quilt in about four days!  A total record for me!  I'm still in disbelief. It was so easy. I really like the addition of the dots and checks jelly strips around the edges and for the binding b/c it makes the colors in the middle stand out more.  Prior to adding those I was really regretting those gray borders.  But now I like it. And the only thing I had to purchase for it was the backing fabric. :)

I'm thinking it might be a gift, but my son thinks it should just stay here on the chair where I put it to take a picture. ha!  

I just did straight line quilting, about an inch apart, with a lavender-ish Aurifil thread, and I love the colored thread, and Aurifil.  

That's the first time I had used it.  And usually I quilt everything with white.  But it turned out well, and... I didn't even make any tucks in the backing!  I think that's a first, too. ;)  I'm not so good with the basting.. sigh.  Instead of using spray, I used pins this time. 

It's now all washed and crinkly, and waiting for a destination.

I hope to have more finishes soon, especially in February.  I'm going to be joining in "Drop and Give Me Twenty" over at my friend Beth's place, Quilting Hottie Haven. It's a yearly event, and I think it might be her third year running it now. Go check it out. :) If you'd like to pledge to sew for 20 min. every day in the month of February, you can be eligible for all sorts of prizes, and there are all sorts of ways to increase your chances of winning!  

So here's my entry pledge: "I, Kelli Fannin, pledge to sew, quilt, stare at or roll around in fabric, instagram about sewing or quilting, online fabric shop, daydream about finishing a quilt, or any other quilty-like activity for at least 20 min. every day for the month of February." ;)  But really, I will sew for at least 20 min. a day. :)

Thanks for dropping in! Happy Weekend!

Off to work on something else.. maybe a new pattern coming soon! Some ideas are cooking! :)



Kim said...

Beautiful quilt! Hope to see more throughout February!

Ellen said...

Wow - that was fast - and cute too!

Sherry said...

Cute quilt!! I love the colors. Hmmm, I have some jelly rolls hanging around. . . maybe I should just sit & sew them together.

It's gorgeous! I love how the borders turned out!

So pretty, but I got a bit distracted by those fab cogs on your wall!

Erin Quinn said...

What Kati said! How cool are those giant cogs!
Your quilt is lovely, I love the grey and the scrappy binding is perfect.i don't know that I can commit to 20 minutes each day. I WANT to sew for 20 minutes every day, but I think my husband would feel a little left out. Good luck, though!
E xx

Unknown said...

Love the colors, and the quilt looks fantastic! I think you need to keep it since it goes perfectly with your decor. Nice job on the quilting too.
So happy for you! Now....I need to follow your example and get on with my stash!

Cath said...

I looks amazing Kelli.....I just love the way you continued the race around the outside....ingenious! You are such a clever girl.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Ooh - it's fabulous. You are right - the borders really make it!

The outer borders and the binding are absolutely perfect!!! Great quilt and it looks perfectly at home on the chair :)

Where did you GET those cogs???? I am lusting! Mr QH would DIE of JOY if we decorated in old farm machinery coolness! (Yours may not be from old farm machinery, but ours would of course have to be.)

Quilt way cuter with awesome borders. And it's Art Gallery, so I love that too.

Maria said...

Looks great Kelli and I agree with your DS. Should stay on the chair..
A jelly roll race quilt is also on my to list, now you have inspired me......

Jeneta said...

I LOVE it! I am always amazed at how something can go from 'blah' to 'wow!' with some clever colour placement. Way to go with the four day turnaround. And I love those cogs on your wall! You are stylish!!

Leonie said...

Well done you! very satisfying no doubt. Must try this Aurifull - I have only heard people rave about it!

Nedra said...

New pattern idea? Looking forward to seeing what is next! And I love your pledge :)

Katie said...

I love the addition of the borders to this quilt -- it realy makes the quilt. I'm goign ot be checking out that link up -- it sounds like good fun.

CeLynn said...

You go girl! Love it,especially the photo with the shadows. I picked up a charm pack of this line at FF,but as yet have not decided what to make with it.

Congratulations on the first quilt finish of the new year.

You did a super job Kelli! I love the end result! You have a great eye for color! I will have to check out Beth's challenge now!

Loved your quilt. Beautiful, as always! I'm participating in the DaGMT challenge as well. I look forward to following you and see your progress. That, and I just want to see pics of my favorite IG boy, Buster :).


This is super cute! I love the fabric too. And the use of lavender thread. Are you going to be at Road2CA?

gmp said...

Fabulous quilt, Kelli! Love the fabric, and the grey border really makes everything else pop! Can you please say what Jelly Roll you used? And the Aurifil thread was a very nice addition. It looks beautiful!

Nancy said...

How many strips were in the jelly roll? They come in 20 strips and 42 strips. This lookl like a small one.

Unknown said...

Lovely blog.....found you via the Quilting board on Google Plus. Will be following you via Bloglovin. Nice work!

Kelli! You've gone and done it again. Too Cute! I always sign up for the drop and give me twenty - I better go to that. Your pledge is really funny.

Sarah said...

I would get a lot more done if I sewed for just 20 minutes a day, but alas I know it will not happen! My time is just too demanded of by others, like my work and three kids. Your jelly roll race quilt looks great with the borders. The cog type shapes on the fabric remind me of train wheels, and match the cogs on the wall in your lounge room perfectly!

Shauna said...

good luck, I hope you get lots done in February

Mary R. said...

It does look really good on that chair. I love the borders, they do really make the middle pop. Good luck with DAGMT!

Anonymous said...

I just almost finished my first Jelly Roll Race quilt top last month. It's waiting for 2 borders and cornerstones. I like yours better.

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