Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jelly Roll Racing

I was so happy to finally get my machine back today after six weeks in the shop, I just wanted to SEW something.  The kind of mindless sewing where you just sit and let the machine hum along. Especially after the whole family had the flu all week. :/

So I grabbed a jelly roll that I picked up at Sample Spree last May in Portland, and decided to start racing with it.  It's called Ashbury Heights.  Look at the fun phone print..

I have never made a jelly roll race top before.. it ended up being just the kind of sewing that I was in the mood for.  In just a couple of hours, between coughing fits and with some resting thrown in, I had sewn through the strips and then decided to add a border to make it a little bigger.

But I still wasn't feeling it.. I am usually drawn to brighter colors, and the gray wasn't really doing anything for me and it did need to be a little bit bigger still for a lap quilt..  Hmm. I really wanted to use fabric that I had on hand, and not buy anything else to go with it.. so I found some strips from another jelly roll that I picked up at the Riley Blake booth in Portland last May, this one is of their basics, dots and checks.. I pulled out all of the coordinating colors..

..and raced my way around the edges with them. They kind of pull out some of the colors in the main fabrics and give it a scrappy feel.  Excuse the end of the ironing board sticking it's nose into the picture there..  The lighting was so bad, too.

I think I'm going to do the quilting on it using some of the Aurifil I won in the Make it Right Challenge.  I haven't sewn with Aurifil yet.. looking forward to trying it out..  But I sure hate to break into the box though.. it looks so pretty in its natural state.. But I can't hoard it forever. Or can I? ;)

This is the first time that I have ever made a quilt top in one day.  (and while recovering from the flu) There is really a first time for everything!

And while I was sewing, A. read three chapters of this book that he got for Christmas from my bro and SIL.  Leave it to toilet humor to get a first grader reading on his own. :) His first independent reading.. my little reader. :)  Growing right up! 

Happy Weekend! Keeping fingers crossed for good health this week.



Lisa Lisa said...

Fun! I think you need to break into that Aurifil right away! I think you're going to love it :) Can't wait to see it all quilted!

Your quilt looks great Kelli. My three boys all loved those Captain Underpants books. Yes, they really are boys books!

Melody said...

The strips from the second jelly roll really bring your quilt to life.

Melody said...

The strips from the second jelly roll really bring your quilt to life.

Cath said...

How very clever of you to race around the outside with another jelly roll and it looks great (I have to admit, the grey didn't excite me either)Look forward to seeing it finished.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Christine said...

That is lovely, the polka dot strips round the edge really make it pop

Erin Quinn said...

That's so funny. I liked it at each stage! I do agree that your colours around the outside help make your colours pop more in the middle. Congrats on your one day finish!
E xx

We did Jelly roll racing with our sewing group, such a fun and simple way to whip up a top in no time at all.

Marjorie said...

I like your JRR quilt top. I did one with reds and blacks and it was just too busy. Have cut it apart and am making a chevron quilt of it. It really needs just the right fabrics and I think you got it right on this one.

That sound like a good plan when you're not in the mood of too much thinking.
Love the quilt top. the addition outside borders really do make the quilt top pop.

Sounds like a fun book for little reader.

I hope you all are feeling better.

Jeneta said...

Wow - what a difference the extra borders make! It looks great. I like using Aurifil - just do it! I hope every trace of flu leaves your house really soon.

Becca said...

My son was all about the Captain Underpants. Read every one. With anything they are reluctant to try, you will encourage things you may not have chosen.

I have an unhealthy relationship with thread. I have purchased several different threads from Superior Threads and I have yet to be let down. I will have to give Aurifil a try at some point. Don't let it sit around. Thread does go bad.

When I make jelly roll race quilts I join on the diagonal. Your straight end-to-end piecing gives it a different look. I often cut some of the pieces in half before piecing. With the bolder colors this spreads them out a little more across the quilt. Yours looks great. I look forward to seeing the texture quilting adds.

That you managed to sew while being sick is a feat unto itself!! It looks very nice, and yes the brighter colored border helps to bring out the colors in the quilt. Love it!!

Way to race out that roll! Break into the thread though, those spools last forever!

Nedra said...

So happy for you that you have your machine back. And so glad you are feeling better too!

Carla said...

Glad you all are feeling better. The jelly roll quilts are fun to sew. Your addition of a strippy border worked great!

I like it very much Kelli!

I like it very much Kelli!

I like it very much Kelli!

sunny said...

The colorful border really does add to your quilt. Some mindless sewing can be just perfect sometimes, and you have a quilt top in a day! You'll love sewing with Auriful - open that package NOW!

So sorry you all have been sick! I blame it on your hubby.....he probably got it on the dirty bird! I love your jelly roll race quilt! What a difference a border can make! And, you know, I love ANYTHING scrappy! Start feeling better!

Unknown said...

Such fun about making the JRR top! I've done one but it's unfortunately still a WIP and really needs to be finished this year. Hope you and your family recover quickly.

Colleen said...

If it wasn't for Captain Underpants and Pokemon cards, my son would never have learned to read!

Good job on the jelly roll race - I agree that the colourful borders are exactly what it needed!

6 WEEKS WITH NO MACHINE?!!! Oh My..I think I would forget how to sew by then! ha!
Seems an absent machine is just what was needed to whip out your new top. I'll have to admit you were genius with the outer border additions….it's too cute!
Maybe those coughing fits blew out some fogginess and let your creativeness come shining through!!

Hoping you all get better soon!!!

jeifner said...

I hope you enjoy the Aurifil! My first time sewing with it was from thread that I had won in a giveaway. I was very pleased with it. My machine and the thread love each other and it seems to last so much longer than some others.
And great job sewing while ill!

I love that quilt top! I was recently lucky enough to win a 12 spool collection of Aurifil and as soon as I'd taken a photo (!) I took all the spools out and added them to my thread box as I knew that if I didn't I'd find it difficult to break them up!!

Glad you are feeling better, and really glad you got your machine back. Have fun stitching!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the name of the fabric jelly roll you used! These are the colors I would NOT normally use either, but you made it look INSPIRING. Love your finish! Hope you feel better and I know you are happy to get your machine back.

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