Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Really Random Thursday Really Random List

While blog surfing this week, which I haven't had a chance to do in forever (I've missed it!), I came across a list from Pip at Meet Me at Mike's which I found at Cat's blog, Catalina's Cottage so I thought I'd play along for a Really Random Thursday post.

Making : a quilt with this bowl of quilt parts. ;) Not quite halfway done.

Cooking :  lots of fresh vegetables.

Drinking :  h2o

Reading: Horrible Harry books and Captain Awesome books to my son at night. I'm truly going to be sad when he outgrows bedtime stories. We've graduated from picture books to chapter books.

Wanting:  a portable steam cleaner.. I know.. I'm weird.

Looking:  at the mess of toys in the floor.

Playing:  with color.

Deciding: which house project needs tackling first.. the fence.. the bathroom wall.. etc.

Wishing: that house projects magically finished themselves.

Enjoying: beautiful spring weather.

Waiting: for much needed rain.

Liking: that Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream doesn't contain corn syrup!

Wondering:  how they make Spanx seamless-hehe.

Loving: how much better I feel after giving up the foods I'm allergic to.

Pondering: how we can google earth a backyard 1500 miles away but a jumbo jet with 230 people is still missing.. hopefully they find something soon for the families to have closure. :(

Considering: having a sole hope shoe cutting party.

Watching: Nicole Curtis rehab addict--LOVE that show!

Hoping: my hub has a happy and safe work week.

Marvelling: at how tall my son is getting, he's over half the size of the ladder! 

Needing: to get up and go walk the dog. (done!)

Smelling: fresh cut grass.

Wearing: jeans a size TWO sizes smaller! (as of today) woohoo!

Following: the news about MH370.:( And the mudslide in WA. :(

Noticing: blooming flowers in the neighborhood.

Knowing: that time goes by too fast! Seriously.. where did these cheeks go?? He was such a happy baby. 

Thinking: about the blocks I need to make for Kevin's block drive. (done!)

Admiring: Kevin the Quilter's 
passion for Quilts of Valor. (check out his blog post and block drive here)

Buying:  less processed food and more whole food. (and new jeans!)

Getting: excited to spend a week with my whole family this summer in a cabin on a lake (this is what happened when we found crazy mirrors at the Science Museum while in Nashville last summer. we laughed for a long time.  We are dorks.) :)

(here's my favorite old family trip photo. hehe)


Opening: my laptop to blog surf.

Giggling: at my son's zany sense of humor. You didn't know a travel neck pillow could double as a mohawk on a long road trip did you? ;) He makes me laugh every day.

Feeling: happy. :D

If you'd like to grab the list, you can find it here. :)

Linking up with Really Random Thursday. Hope you're having a great week!



Cat said...

Love love love
And two jean sizes smaller go you
Loving the new blog layout too

Love that list - the google earth comment is so true!!

That was really fun reading through the list.
And the big quilt was beautiful, with spectacles. I am guessing its Riley Blake fabrics!

Yay, so glad you're on top of the allergies now, and WTG on the weight loss!

Anthea said...

Hi Kelli what a great post!
Glad you are feeling much better now, armed with knowledge about your allergies... I live just south of Perth Western Australia, & the media focus in this region is like nothing we've had since the America's Cup 30 years ago... yes so sad for those on board & their grieving loved ones... x

What a wonderfully dynamic post Kelli! You are an amazing gal! So glad to call you my blogging friend!

Jan Briggs said...

This truly felt random, living up to the linky party title. It's a great snapshot of where you are and what types of things keep your mind going. I love the colors that you are playing with, I purchased some fabrics today and almost got some in the greens, but went more blue green. Also, I'd like to know more about your fabric bowl. Is this a method you always use? OR is it a part of the randomness? Thank you, Jan-Michael

Even when your son is old enough to read all by himself, you can still enjoy special books together. Our family read every Harry Potter book together, out loud, even the last one, when my kids were in jr high and high school. It was a tradition to read them out loud the first time, all together. My son's are grown now (23 & 20) and they still tell everyone how special it was to read together.

jeifner said...

I was just watching rehab addict myself this week and thinking of the Kevin QOV blocks as well :)

Kelli--this was awesome! I love your new quilt--thinking maybe my son, the optometrist, might need one of those...

CeLynn said...

Now that is what I call a random post! Love the sunglasses quilt,awesome! Need to make another five blocks for Kevin myself...

Love the new header and look of your blog Kelli

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