Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Expo~My Christmas Pity Party Quilt Finish

Hi!! (hand waving)

Wow, it seems like forever since I've posted anything.. I've been kind of "moving in" to my new blog design.  It was fun having someone help me with it but I had a hard time deciding on the colors etc. Tenille at TCBOTB helped me with it and she was soo nice!!  Not to mention creative. I love the sewing machine! :) And the stitching.. and buttons.  She's great! 

In the meantime.. I have a finish to share.. Yay! A real live 100% finished finish.  It's a design that I doodled up on Christmas night this last year after putting my son to bed. I was sitting up late feeling sorry for us b/c my hub had to work on Christmas and I was sad. :(  Plus, I was missing my parents and brothers and their families who live far away.. I was really wallowing in it..  massive pity party for one. (Maybe that's why the secondary ring pattern reminds me of Christmas wreaths sometimes when I look at it.) So I took that sad and turned it to happy with color. :) 

I've been working on the quilt and pattern since the beginning of February for Beth's Drop and Give Me Twenty campaign.. They weren't quite finished in February but I'm so glad they are done now and I can finally share.  It's a big beast of a quilt at 80 x 80", but it went together fairly quickly with lots of chain piecing. :) I sent it over to Pat Roche to be quilted and she always does such a good job!!  I'm always amazed. If I had quilted it on my machine, it would have ended up all wonky and with tucks in it I'm sure!

And then I took it to my favorite playground to take pictures.  I'm calling it Expo b/c it reminds me of a circus for some reason.

I made it out of all red and aqua Riley Blake dots and chevrons and my favorite dots are on the back.. they are huge!  They fit right in with my "I like the back to be as much fun as the front" theory. :) 

I used Triangles on a Roll again for the HSTs, and the pattern will be available soon on their website, and I'm also going to put it on my Craftsy and Etsy sites.  But even if no one ever buys the pattern or makes one, (though I hope at least one person does so I can see what they do with it and how it looks out in the real world!) I had soo much fun making it, and I kind of want to make another.  The actual quilt top only took about a week or two to cut and sew up.  I want to do a scrappy one I think.  

So it will have a playmate the next time we hit the playground. :)

Hope you're having a great week! And that you are not blinded by my new colorful blog design. haha What can I say.  I like color! :D


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Cath said...

Oh wow Kelli, another fabulous finish!
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Jeneta said...

Seriously...I think your quilt is amazing! Spectacular in fact. I'm looking forward to seeing a scrappy version.

Nedra said...

You know how much I love this quilt! Send me a clip of the front and back cover and I'll get it on the Triangles On A Roll web site. Has Pat ordered patterns yet? And I love your new web site. Excellent. Would you like to add a TOAR logo?

Mary R. said...

Great job! The red and aqua color scheme really works well with this pattern. The new blog design is very fun!

Allison said...

congrats on a great finish! the blog is looking great, too :)

Glad you could turn that frown upside down :o)

Claire said...

Oh my goodness! You are a sneaky one - I was watching on instagram and bursting to see the whole thing. It is a beautiful quilt - congratulations and well done.

Your quilt is gorgeous. I love your new look too.

Anonymous said...

Love your "pity" quilt and your blog's new look. Nice!

Lisa Lisa said...

I love it, Kelli Q! Can't wait till the pattern is available!

Anthea said...

Hello Kelli - it's been a while since I dropped in to see what you're up to and WOW I do love the new blog look! The new quilt is just gorgeous, what a lovely creation came of the 'pity party' night!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous!!! Love your colour and fabric choices. Have a great weekend. Marie (

MsMidge said...

Such a gorgeous quilt!

Gorgeous quilt! And I love the giant polka dots on the back!

Kara said...

Absolutely amazing! I love this quilt! I don't think younneed to worry about no one making it!

Great quilt! Love the new blog design, but new visitor, so don't know what the old look was like! ;)

jeifner said...

I think my favorite picture is of the quilt going down the slide :)

Dropped by from USS Crafty - gorgeous quilt design and then fab choice of colours. Hope your next Christmas isn't as alone! :D

Congrats Kelli! Thanks for sharing your story behind the designing and making of Expo! You KNOW I love it! BTW, did you piece that backing, or did it come in a wide backing???? WOW!

Leonie said...

Oh its absolutely gorgeous! Love the colours and love the pattern. Yay for a happy quilt xx

"so I took that sad and turned it to happy with color" - awesome! yes, you sure did. love the design.

Jan Briggs said...

This is a beautiful quilt. I thought circus/carnival before you mentioned it. I am amazed at all of the great patterns that I'm finding in this quilty online universe. Thank you for sharing your awesome pictures.

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