Friday, March 21, 2014

~~Bespectacled Quilt~~

More on the new quilt front:  I had blogged before about finishing up this quilt, and trying to figure out what to bind it with. It's called Bespectacled... another one of those projects that I started in February for Drop and Give Me Twenty.  :) I finally settled on the red/pink print for the binding, partly b/c I had just enough of it left. I love when that happens! This one was lots of fun to make.  And still makes me happy to look at it!  I love the fabrics.  I made it with Riley Blake dots, and Unforgettable.

As a person who needs reading glasses now (grr-haha) I love to collect them in lots of styles and colors (the cheap ones-ha!) -- esp. since I'm always losing them or leaving them places.  So the specs were super fun for me to sew up!!  I love the idea of making all of the frames and lenses/ear pieces in different prints.  But I also think it would look super cool in black, white and variations of gray.  Or super bright colors. It's 76 x 76". Wow, I am saying 'super' a lot today.

I was so lucky to find the perfect backing fabric at my local craft store.. it had all of the colors that were in the quilt in it.  Crazy!  And you know how I feel about cruisers. :) I almost jumped up and down right there in the aisle of the store!  It's like it was MADE for this quilt!

And the red print binding goes well with it too.

And during binding, the stars aligned and I somehow came out with a perfect mitered corner.  Go figure.  It was all just meant to be. ;)

Everything about this finish makes me happy.  The glasses, the dots, the colors, the prints, the bikes, and *swoon* a mitered corner. I couldn't believe it.  I have a history of having a hard time with mitered corners. :) OH and the quilting! Pat quilted it and she put a different design in each of the glasses' lenses.  Like this bulls eye design in the red framed ones.  It's kind of hard to see in pictures.. but I'm in LOVE.

It's so much fun!  And to think.. at the start of February the whole thing just looked like a big bowl of quilt parts.

I spent the last few days working out the yardage requirements and finishing the pattern cover, so if you or anyone you know would ever like to make one, you can find it at my Craftsy or Etsy links and eventually at Triangles on a Roll. :) 

Hope you have a great weekend!


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sunny said...

SUPER cute!! And I LOVE the cruiser fabric. And to think, I knew you back when....

Jeneta said...

Oh my - you are too much! How on earth you managed to get this finished in such a short time is beyond me. It is adorable! I love it!! Everything about it is perfect - the fabric, the colours and the mitred corners!

So fun, and so jealous of your blue skies *sigh*

Go-Go Kim said...

Kelli, I LOVE this so much! I lost one pair of my glasses the other day since I had THREE pair stacked on top my head,LOL! Thank you so much for linking up to SEWjo Saturday!

Anonymous said...

What a fun quilt! Those glasses are hilarious in a way! Love the vintage vibe!!!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

suemac said...

Cute. I too have mitered corner issues. One of these days my binding is going to come out perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli, It is a wonderful creative quilt! I LOVE that bicycle fabric print~ Very good~

Leonie said...

Oh its awesome!! Love everything about it and the backing is perfection!!! Love it Kelli!

Ah lovely! Everything about this is perfect. I wear contacts and glasses sometimes but now I need varifocals (how did that happen, that's what old people wear!) so I'm either in my varifocals or contacts with reading glasses grrr indeed. At least you have found a way to make something pretty!

Cute, I love the bike fabric

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look of your blog, and your newest patterns are AWESOME!

Karen H said...

Love the glasses..... and love the cruiser fabric!

Kelli, your designs are getting better and better! And I had not seen your new blog background....pretty cool!

What a fun and festive quilt!! Great work, girl!!!
:) Have a happy week!!
“hugs” Crystelle
Crystelle Boutique

cute pattern. the bullseye quilting on the frames takes the cake!

Michele said...

Oh, I love, love, love this! Doesn't it feel great when it all comes together like that? Wow! That's my favorite part of quilting! Your blog looks great!

Anonymous said...

I love this quilt! I've been wearing glasses for over 20 years (yikes!), and I have also had many different styles and frames. lol Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!

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