Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Drop and Give Me Twenty Results (and blog stuff)

I have been working on some new quilts over the last month for my friend Beth's Drop and Give Me Twenty challenge, in which we pledged to sew at least 20 minutes every day in February.  I'm shocked to say I ended up doing way more that 20 minutes.. I kind of sewed my face off in the month of February, and have two almost finished quilts and patterns!  Yay! 

They both still need their bindings, which I prepped last night.  The first one is called "Expo", and I really like how it turned out. It has a star pattern, but then it has a couple of secondary things going on.. a kind of big flowery pattern around the stars, and then also a bigger ring pattern connecting them all together.  I'm in love with these Riley Blake tone on tone dots, and the giant red and aqua dots.  They were so fun to sew up!  When I get it all done, I can photograph it and work on getting the pattern out. :)  

The other one that I'm getting ready is called "Bespectacled".  It is out of the new line Unforgettable by Jen Allyson. It needs its binding too, and I was having a hard time choosing which color to bind it in.  It was between blue and the red/pink print.  Thanks to everyone that weighed in with an opinion on FB and IG! I finally decided on the red print.. I had the perfect amount left to finish the binding.  It's really fun.  I like making quilts of big "things" in case you haven't noticed. hehe

So now, the bindings are prepped, and my work is cut out for me.  Hopefully these WIPs will be done very soon!!

I'm also really excited to be updating the look of my blog.  About once every few months, I get sick of how it looks and set out to change it around, but the other night, I really botched it up, and really don't like it. :/  I couldn't find a background, etc that I really wanted, and now someone is helping me and it's really fun!  I can't wait for it to be done and look just like I have always pictured it in my mind. :)  I hope you all will like it too.  

Oh, one more update, I found a new online fabric shop!!  It is called Lemon Tree Fabrics.  

It is run by Julie in Massachusetts, go give her a visit! :)  She has a ton of fabric!  She also just started carrying my quilt patterns. I almost passed out when I received her email out of the blue asking if she could carry my two patterns.  She also carries patterns for women and girls.  It's always fun to find a new online shop!

Off I go to get some binding done!  

Happy Wednesday!! 


Claire said...

I LOVE your first quilt and have been watching your sneak peaks with great interest. Congrats on your patterns being carried by a shop, well done. Now, if you ever need a pattern tester...

Mara said...

Congratulations on your new patterns and quilts Kelli, I love Expo and RBD tone on tone dots are to die for.

Well go you with all the finishes and patterns! I'm rather glad the manic green dots aren't staying though...

Now that's an sewing your face off...hehehe, your quilts look terrific well done on getting some sewing time in.

Expo is beyond exceptional! Can't wait to buy the pattern! Those sunglasses are so you!!!!

Hilachas said...

Nice quilts. Isn't it nice to have a finished quilt to show, much less 2 in your case! I like the new look of your blog also.

Oh My Goodness girl! You outdid yourself on these two!
I. LIKE………bunches!!

quiltmania said...

I just love watching you continue to grow in the quilting world. Woohoo!!!!

Colleen said...

I really like Expo! It is unique, and very pretty.

Jeneta said...

I love both quilts! I'm a big fan of quilts of big "things". You are so good at it! The revolver map at the bottom of your blog page is very cool!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Kelli,

I have just signed up to get your blog because I too am currently having my own cancer scare at the age of 53. I've just had surgery and have had biopsies taken in the last week. Now feeling fragile and not sure what I should be doing but I'm waiting for results. The days seem to be going very slowly and I am still recovery from my surgery as I only got home this last thursday morning. This is all very hard as I live alone and my friends all live in another state. I'm going to make contact with the cancer council on tuesday as it is a public holiday tomorrow.

I wanted to tell you I too was a Registered Nurse and I specialised in ICU/Cardiac Nursing to which I greatly miss.

Now being retired I also love to quilt and do many other crafts as well. I came across a picture of your wonderful quilt "drop and give me twenty". I love the colours and look of it.

Congratulations on doing a great job, well done. Thank you for sharing.

Lisa Lisa said...

Kelli - You continue to amaze me! You are so talented, and I'm so happy that you have another place carrying your patterns! You go!

Gayle said...

Beautiful Quilts. Great work having 2 quilts finished for the expo.

Sarah said...

I love the expo quilt! Aren't you a clever cookie designing that?

Jan Briggs said...

OMG, I didn't see the quilting on this in post above this one. Amazing. I've always been someone who loved piecing quilts but never had an appreciation for the quilting part. (My family always tied quilts.) But I love it now, I love the texture and in the case of your quilt the shadows that are created. Perhaps someday I will have a long arm machine to do some great quilting on, too.

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