Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Little Girl Apron Experiment/Tutorial

Remember this little apron that I started in February?  I finally got it done!  

Not a bad use for a FQ and a $1 dish towel.. plus some ribbon and a couple of buttons from my grandma's button jar.

When I started, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to finish it. I started by turning down the top of the dish towel about three inches and stitching it...

..and sewing some polka dot ribbon across the top edge.  Then I turned the corners down and stitched them into place, and added some buttons. Then I hemmed three edges of my FQ.. 

..gathered the top edge and sewed it onto the dish towel at the midpoint.

So to finish it I just had to figure out how to finish the waist of it.  I decided to use ribbon to cover the waist stitching on both the front and the back.  

And then I used some scrap ribbon that I had saved to make little belt loops on the back side of the waist band..

And added a long length of polka dot ribbon for the tying, and voila!

So the long ribbon goes around the neck, through the top corners of the bib, and then through the belt loops, and then ties at the back.

And I really wanted to see it on, and to know if it worked before I gave it away as a gift, but I couldn't find a model.. so.. I had to bribe a certain someone who lives here and promise not to show his face. ;)

The bib is a little loose, but overall it works. 

*edit: I think the bib being loose will work out fine, if I use a longer length of ribbon, and instead of having it go through the corners of the bib and straight down to the waist loops and tie, have it go through the corners of the bib, then under the arms, crisscross in the back and then through the loops and tie. Does that make sense?

And then he couldn't wait to take it off. haha

Happy Wednesday! :) If you haven't already, don't forget to enter the Mad About Patchwork Anniversary giveaway of a yummy FQ pack here.


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Simply precious!! yes, I love browsing thru the dollar dish clothes, now I know what to make with them!

Karen H said...

Love the apron - it turned out so cute! And I love the fact that you got your son to model. :)

Awesome mOdel;-) I bet if u increase the angle the corners are folded at, you will take out the extra bib amount. Love this apron!

Sewing Mom said...

How cute! Your poor son. =) LOL.

Such a great idea for this apron. Hey, your son, he's a good sport to help you out mom. Definitely need to have it modeled to see if it will work out. Hope you made it up to him with a special treat!

Adorable! What a great helper!

Oh my gosh that is the cutest! Did you design the owl? I may have missed that part. Poor A. What a trooper.

Very cute, even with the uncooperative model ;o)

Cat said...

Giggling re your model :)

What a lovely use of a tea towel

CeLynn said...

Nice Kelli! Love the cute apron and the model too :)

You are so creative Kelli! And, I have to laugh at your lil guy! I can just hear him saying.....OK, get this thing off of me! LOL

Jody said...

Good job on the apron--and your model is a good sport!!

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