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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fun Sewing & Purple Punch Giveaway Winner

I finished up a quilt top that I've been working on for a few weeks!  Whew! (wiping forehead) I can't show a pic of the whole thing just yet, but I can show you the colors. :)

It is from that bowl of blue and green quilt parts that I posted a pic of a couple of posts ago.

This is going to be the backing and the binding: 

It was a challenge b/c these aren't colors that I would normally gravitate to. But they are growing on me a lot!  I LOVE this bundle at Mad About Patchwork now, whereas before I made this current quilt top, I probably wouldn't have been drawn to it as much.

But now I'm in love with it!  

I've also been busy fun-sewing lately.. I finally broke into my 2wenty Thr3e layer cake the other day.  It was gathering a lot of dust. Trying to use up some of what I have.  Stash sewing. I love this fabric.  Hopefully it turns out the way it is in my head.  :) Which isn't always the case, but fingers crossed. :)

OH!  And speaking of Mad About Patchwork.. it's time to pick a winner for the Mad About Patchwork 6th Anniversary Purple Punch Giveaway! 

Thanks to everyone who joined in. Random Number Generator picked Kathy Davis. Congrats Kathy!

Happy Wednesday!!


Sharon said...

I like the blue and green...totally "my colors", will love to see the quilt you made with them

Hmmmmmm.......I wonder what could be up your sleeve now???? I love those colors.......especially cut up in a mixing bowl! DELICIOUS!

mmm, mmm, mmm! Those all certainly look yummy!! Cant wait to see the final reveals!

Jeneta said...

Oooh - lovely! I really love navy blue and lime green; put any colours with either of them and I'm in!

I do love blue, but am rather ambivalent about green. These do look great together though.

Nita said...

I have a 2wenty three jelly roll gathering dust, too. :) someday I will decide what to do with it. Meanwhile, it looks pretty on my shelf!

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