Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A different kind of Fabric Stash

..and a fun finish. :)

It's not the fabric stash that consists of heaps of fabric on shelves or in bins or displayed (piled) artfully (randomly) around your sewing studio (spare bedroom+computer room)..'s Fabric Stash, the quilt. :)

It's 60x60, and made from the Geekly Chic line from Riley Blake. I love the little mustaches on the fabric in the Geekly Chic line..

 but I especially LOVE the polaroid fabric. It's so fun!

I used the white small mustaches for the binding and here's another pic of the polaroids. I love the Smile! and Say cheese! captions on the polaroid fabric.

Pat Roche quilted it--she's so good!!

And look.. I should have played the lottery the day this happened.. a weird randomly matched seam.. on something super tiny.. see that mustache with the one curly end that's a different color in the middle of the pic? And the red one below it? That is a seam! Freaky! What are the odds really?  If I had actually tried to match them, it wouldn't have been that close.

I used Triangles on a Roll again, too b/c they're so easy and fun! And fast! (and I'm lazy? hehe) There are a lot of ways to make HSTs out there but Triangles on a Roll are still my favorite because you only cut them once, no trimming.  Once you cut them apart, they are done! Then you just remove the papers while you watch TV or something. ;) And suddenly you have 50 of them all exactly the same size and it only took you maybe half an hour. :D  Here they are in my big yellow tupperware bowl.  See, instead of eating popcorn while watching TV, you could do this instead. Way more figure friendly. ;) I may or may not reward myself with chocolate at the end though.. which negates the figure friendly part.

I pieced the back together out of leftover tone on tone dots.

Here is Fabric Stash the pattern cover.. I just put it up on Craftsy, and (fingers crossed that they don't change their mind) the quilt is in a crate on its way to Quilt Market in Pittsburgh with Riley Blake.  Squeee!!  It might be hanging in the Geekly Chic section of their booth.  Pinch me.

And now that it's finally up on Craftsy, if you or someone you know would ever like to whip one up for any mustache wearers or lovers that you know, you can view it here. It goes together really quickly and it's a lot of fun to piece. I have another one started for a gift.

My next goal is to get this Rainy Days and Mondays quilt top quilted and finished.  I've posted about it so many times, and it's still not done.  :/  

I'm definitely keeping this one for my own personal couch quilt, as it's my most favorite fabric line ever in the history of my fabric obsession. The umbrellas and the colors are so happy. :)  

Hope you're having a great week!


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Congratulations Kelli! The moustaches are great! I have that umbrella fabric too, so cute!

Karen H said...

Congratulations! How exciting to have a pattern published. The quilt is great. I can't wait to see the "Rainy Days and Monday's" when it's finished. It's a beautiful quilt.

Kleep said...

Lovin that quilt!! So fun :-). Also adoring that moustache binding!!

Nedra said...

How fun that Riley Blake is taking Fabric Stash (love the play on words!) to Market :) Very cute pattern. And yes, Pat did some fabulous quilting on it.

Vicki said...

Love your stash! Great idea for such a cute quilt.

Leonie said...

Such a fun quilt and wahoo for happy coincidences!! Rainy days is so close! I'd want to keep it too! xx

Anonymous said...

Cute mustache quilt! -Brittany

LA Paylor said...

you're so funny!! I love the humor. I am going right now to your home page and read more. stash quilt....
LeeAnna Paylor
Not afraid of Color!

Unknown said...

love the two tones 'stashes on your seam! How funny that they matched like that! Awesome quilts!

Hannele said...

Fun fabrics and a great quilt!

Anonymous said...

This quilt cracks me up! I love it! Great job.

Anonymous said...

Love the moustaches!

Unknown said...

The Stash quilt is awesome. Well done! Very creative :-) One day I'll give it try

What a fun fabric stash! I love your sense of humor.... AND the quilt!!! :)
“hugs” Crystelle
Crystelle Boutique<

Unknown said...

The Stash quilt is great - really made me smile. I just might have to make one for myself.

Jeneta said...

Your 'stashes are fab! And a big 'no way!' on lining up the seams on those little moustaches! You are obviously 'one' with the fabric so you do it without even realizing. It's instinct. Yoda would ay the fabric force is with you. Congrats on a wonderful pattern. I'm looking forward to a future post with lots of photos of it in the Riley Blake booth at Quilt Market.

Lisa Lisa said...

Congrats Kelli! Woo hoo! So exciting about your quilt going to market! Can't wait to see some pics :) Your Rainy Days and Mondays quilt is so flippin' cute....I'd hang onto that one, too! I can't believe how many blogs you're linking to! Crazy!

For real: the most clever thing I've seen all week. This quilt is just wonderful. I think I need to go pick up some of that polaroid print fabric too!

I'd love to pick your brain about making patterns - if you don't mind exchanging a couple emails :)

Shauna said...

ok the "stashes" are just too cute. I'm not sure I would have even noticed the seam if you hadn't pointed it out, it was such a perfect match.

This is so awesome, Kelli! My dad has a massive mustache...hmm.... he'd like this quilt!

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting! I love your quilt, and that entire line by Riley Blake! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I featured you quilt at this week's Submarine Sunday!

Love, Love, Love, Loved this quilt! Seriously so stinking cute! I featured it on The Creative Exchange highlights on my blog

Thanks again for stopping by and entering your link!

Kathy S. said...

GORGEOUS quilting!!! Congrats on a new pattern on Craftsy -- Good luck!


Such a fun quilt stoppy by from the linky party, good luck

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