Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I am currently sitting in the airport in KC waiting to fly home. After a two week vacation in which my side of the family all met at a lake house in the Ozark Mountains. We spent a week there, although we've been gone for two weeks.  A few days before and after were spent at my parents' house.

It's been a wonderful, weird, and slightly devastating vacation. All at once. 

The house was so perfect for nine people to share.  Lots of beds and rooms and a pool and a pool table in the basement, decks, patio furniture and a wonderful view!!

This is the back of the house.

This is the view out the back from the upper deck.  That is the pool down the hill on the right.  It was so isolated and relaxing!

My son went fishing with my hub and dad on this trip and caught his first fish.  Here he is with his grandpa on the front porch.

He literally just broke into tears when we kissed them goodbye at the curb a little while ago. :( He had so much fun this trip.  Family memories are the BEST. But I know he'll be excited to get home and play with his toys, see our dog, and visit his friends, too.  But we had such a good visit.  I wish we lived closer so he could see them all the time.

Saw some wildlife at the lake house too.  Lots of deer, with their babies.

Cardinals, and lots of other birds, including a random Road Runner that kept hanging around. ??

My favorite spot to watch the birds and the view.

Meep Meep!

And the squirrels were out of control! :) The thunderstorm didn't even deter them.  It was nice to see it pour one afternoon, as most of CA bursts into flames every summer, and we haven't seen actual rain for a really long time!

But while the trip was super fun and relaxing, it was kind of an emotional week.  I learned, the day that we flew out here, that there was a terrible bank robbery in my hometown.  In which three suspects who were heavily armed took three hostages and proceeded to drive around for an hour, on highways and down on the city streets while shooting at police. In the middle of the day.  Bullets flying into random houses, hitting cars on the streets, etc.  Gunfire struck police vehicles 14 times or something like that.  One of the hostages ended up being shot when one of the gunman used her as a human shield in his shootout with police, and she died.   She was around my age, her 12 year old daughter saw her being taken hostage.. just all kinds of awful. AND-I found out the next day that the woman who died.. was the receptionist at my dentist's office.  Misty.  Who I always loved visiting with when I go in for checkups.  I'm devastated for her family and for my dentist office.. they are like a family there.  She was one of the team.

So although I had a great time on vacation, I have also randomly felt like crying. (I actually did a few times) And while I'm anxious to get home, and pick up Buster from the kennel (the bullet flying police chase went right by his kennel, too) and resume daily life (and spend some QT with my sewing machine trying to process this tragic event), I kind of don't want to go back. Ever. :(  So sad.

Here she is in a photo that I borrowed from my dentist's facebook page. If you wouldn't mind.. please say a prayer for Misty's family, and for my town.

And hug your loved ones tight. :( Gotta get ready to board now.. hopefully next time I'll have a finished quilt top to show.  I just have to sew the borders onto one when I get home.  I've really missed my machine this last week. When I get sad or stressed, I turn to my sewing machine, my dog, shopping, or chocolate.  I may have overshopped and eaten a lot of chocolate after seeing my home town in the news all the way from the beautiful Ozark Mountains, for a tragedy that hit so close to home. Sniff. :(



sunny said...

Oh Kelli, what a devastating story. I'm glad you have happy vacation memories to see you through. Your sewing machine has been lonely, so get her humming as soon as you get home. Hugs.

Nedra said...

wow Kelli. What a story. I didn't hear about this one on the news. Yes, prayers will be sent for Misty's family. I can't even imagine. And I will send some prayers your way too, that you might be able to go home and with time, heal from such an event in your home town. I'm glad you were tucked away safe with your family while all of this was going on. You have a wonderful family, who will bring comfort in this crazy world.

Carla said...

Oh dear, how sad. We just never know what a day may bring. Hug your family tight is right.
Thinking of you

I read all about the terrible bank robbery. Such a sad, scarey event. If only people valued life more. Glad you had a good time in Missouri (was it Lake of the Ozarks?). We'll be driving near there this weekend, on our way to Texas.

Brandie said...

It's so emotional when terible things hit this close to home. I can't even imagine the hurt Misty's friends and family are going through.
Take care my friend!

Claire said...

So much snesless violence in our world at this time - some far away and some so close to home. Sorry to hear your story...words seems so inadequate. We teach our children to be tolerant, accepting and understanding and yet, something still goes wrong. No one is born bad or hating - that is learned behaviour...hang in there, things will get better and good will triumph. It always does, just have faith and trust.

Oh how awful to have things like that happen so close to home (((((HUGS)))))

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