Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pine Valley Quilt

I can finally show you the quilt that I worked on using braids that I instagrammed a few vague photos of when I was sewing it up several months ago.  It's a quilt called Pine Valley. 

Did you guess what it was? :) Remember this vague Instagram photo?

I used various FQs of greens/blues, solids and prints. And it's on page 84 of the Nov/Dec issue of GenQ Magazine! Eep! 

Earlier in the year, I was so excited to get an email from Scott Hansen from GenQ Magazine inviting me to submit something.  It was one of those moments where I died, fell in the floor, got back up, read it again, and passed out again.  I couldn't believe it!

I had been toying with this idea using braids, b/c I had never tried them before, and wanted to make a tree quilt. 

Because trees are the only thing I see when I look at braids.  (Is it just me? Am I weird?)  

So I drew it up using blues and greens, colors that I hardly ever use, b/c they just looked bright and fun.  And he emailed me back and said that they had it tentatively scheduled for the Nov/Dec issue.  WHAT??!! But that I couldn't talk about it until the issue came out.

And now it's out! And I can't believe it!  All of the instructions to make it are inside. Except when I did my braids, I used Triangles on a Roll braid/flying geese paper, the 6 inch roll, I think.  Which made the braids super easy to do, and kept them from stretching and going all wonky.  (And the same roll also doubles as flying geese paper.)  Bonus. :) 

There was a mishap along the way though.  After I had gotten it back from Pat all quilted, I was sewing the binding on one day and discovered a black greasy appearing stain on the backing that had bled a little onto the white front. I kind of freaked out a little.. Hazards of having a little boy and big dog in the house maybe?  I can't figure out how it got there but went into full blown panic mode trying to get it out.  This pic is when it was nice and crisp, fresh from the quilter.

But when I used a stain wipe and some water to try to get the stain out, the greens and blues started bleeding all over the white. Triple panic mode ensued.  BUT.. with some good detergent and many many color catchers, it all came out in the wash. I was so relieved.  So that's why it has that crinkly freshly laundered look in this photo. :)

I like how the greens and blues make it look more lake-house-ish than log cabin-ish.  But I think it'd be fun made in darker colors. Or in reds/oranges/yellows for fall.

Thanks GenQ for including my quilt!! xx

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ruthsplace said...

What a fabulous quilt! Congrats on being published.

sunny said...

It's awesome! Congrats!!

Cath said...

Oh wow, that is a fabulous quilt Kelli, no wonder it got published. Well done girl!

It is GORGEOUS and deserving of being published. Congratulations!

Unknown said...

Stunning quilt. Congratulations.

perry94022 at hotmail dot com

Way to go Kelli! That is so awesome! I will definitely have to pick up a copy! I LOVE the quilt!

Unknown said...

Kelli this quilt is awesome! So happy for you. Congratulations on getting published.

Carla said...

Woop whoop! It's gorgeous.

Absolutely love your quilt!!! It would be beautiful in a number of colors - you totally scored with this one!!! Congratulations on being published!!!

Leonie said...

So exciting!!!! Congrats to you! it is absolutely gorgeous! Striking and effective - well done you Kelli!

Ginx Craft said...

What a beautiful design on your quilt.

Love the quilt. Very creative layout. The colors are awesome. Great job!

Congrats! I love your trees, such a creative idea! This turned out so well.

Love, love, love your quilt, Kelli! I see trees in braids too and I love what you did with them. Great design!

Unknown said...

Wow, great quilt. Great design and great fabric choices. I love your quilt and congrats with the publication.
Love from Amsterdam

Lara B. said...

It's a wonderful and fresh quilt Kelli! LOL - your description of hearing from Scott Hansen is hilarious! A HUGE Whoop Whoop for you!

Anonymous said...

Cheers on being published. I love the idea of braids for pine trees! And I sympathize with the stain story--glad it had a happy ending.

Allison said...

Such a fun quilt! Congrats on the publication. And, I think we've all had those moments of panic when our quilts bleed. I've had nightmares over mine.

Cute quilt! Congratulations. I haven't done braids in years. I've not heard about doing them on foundations.

Congrats on the publication! Very cute quilt. That's a neat way to use a braid. And I'm so glad the stain and colors came out. Don't you just love color catchers?!

visiting from Sunshinex3. This is awesome. Well done.

wow that's great, and different. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Well done!

Hello cute lady! Love it. Pinned and tweeted. We really appreciate you taking the time to stop by our party. It wouldn't be a party without you. Please join us on Monday at 7 pm. Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

Sharon said...

Congrats on the publication! That is so cool! I love your use of the braids to make trees!

What a beautiful quilt and design! Congrats on being published!

Deonn said...

Awesome quilt - and thank heaven for color catchers! Way to perservere. Oh, and I love the name of your blog.

Lisa Lisa said...

Congratulations, Kelli! It's beautiful! I didn't even realize that TOAR had this type of paper! What a panicky situation, but so glad it turned out. Whew! Can't wait to get my hands on this issue :)

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