Tuesday, December 9, 2014


A few months ago, I made a quilt out of this fabric line called On Our Way from RBD. Perfect for little boys, or the engine loving little girl. ;)  Or a VW bus/transportation/peace-love-sunshine fan of any age. It was a big hit with my son and his friends (and their moms).  

 I just hadn't had a chance to blog about it. We've had so much death in the family lately.  Blah! A few weeks after my MIL passed, my FIL's last living brother passed as well. And then a couple of weeks ago, my uncle, my dad's youngest brother passed away. :(

Anyway..trying to press on and get my mojo back.

Here it is all done.  I finally uploaded the pattern into my Craftsy shop. And someone is making it already! I can't wait to see! And she is making it for her daughter so I can't wait to see her fabric choices and how it turns out. :)

I used the large print for the cornerstones and had just enough fabric left to piece a scrappy backing. I used the leftover stripes for the binding.

RBD took this one to hang in their booth in the fall so Pat quilted it for me, and look what she did.. I feel like such a loser quilter when I see the stuff she does!  

And it always fits the theme of the quilt, too!  Little peace signs and hippie flowers, my favorite flower design!

And I don't know if you can see it, but she quilted "peace and love" into the license plate!!

 Here's a photo of my mom friends holding it up at one of their houses so I could take a pic of it. (every mom needs a mom posse-ha!) :) It was a hit with the little boys, but my son has already staked a claim on this one. He will never let me give it away!  But it is super easy to make and I will get these ladies hooked on sewing one of these days!

Happy Tuesday! :)


Sewgirl said...

Really cute quilt! Wish you were around designing when my boys were little!

That is such a very cute quilt. Great quilting too.

That quilt is adorable. I love patterns with one central design, and I know that it's just a small part of a fabulous quilt, but I really love how the fabric that you selected for the tires adds to the design.

sunny said...

Totally in love with this. Beep!!

Wonderful! Good luck with your pattern sales.

KathyinMN said...

Its adorable. The quilting really sets it all off. Peace signs? Genius.

Unknown said...

Love it! WE're a family of VW bus fans so this is as cute as it gets!

Sorry for all your losses, but cute wee camper van!

Mara said...

I was going to say that your quilting looks amazing, lol, but I do love the quilt pattern also, very cute, would be fun to match it with Tula Pinks VW bug pillow, to make a whole bedroom ensemble.

Unknown said...

This is seriously the cutest quilt ever! I'm in love. Lol. Looks awesome!!

How cute! Sorry about all the deaths. It seems that they come in multiples.

I am so sorry for your and your family's losses.
Your quilt design is a sure hit!

Sandy said...

It is always sad to lose a love one. It is also a good reminder to enjoy each and every day. It looks like you are doing just that with the cute quilt design! It is so adorable!

quiltmania said...

Love it! You are quite the designer.

Lisa Lisa said...

So cute, Kelli! I think you're going to have lots of people wanting to make this one :)

Jeneta said...

I think this pattern is going to be extremely popular - it's fabulous. I absolutely love it!

Sarah said...

Gosh you've had a rough time recently. Hoping everyone is in good health this coming year. I love the kombi van quilt, or as my little boys call them, hippy vans!

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