Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pin Cushion Palooza

I've been meaning to share about these for a while. But instead have been sewing like a mad woman. I will soon have not one, but TWO quilts to share! :)  But until then, I'd like to ask for your feedback on something special..

I've been making pin cushions. Not for myself, and not something I planned on necessarily, but after my MIL passed away, we found a box in the garage labeled "pin cushion project".  I remembered her telling me about this "UFO" box that was somewhere up in the garage.

She had collected objects from thrifting, estate saling, etc. (one of her favorite pastimes) and had planned to make pin cushions with them, but had never done it. A project she'd meant to start but never did. So when I saw all the cute things she'd collected, I decided to finish her "UFO" for her.  

And now I think what I want to do with them is finish them all and then have a sale, and donate all the proceeds to the Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund at the Stanford Cancer Center in her honor.  

Would any of you be interested in one, or know of someone who would?  

Would the best way be to list them on Etsy, or to have an instagram sale?  I've seen people having destash sales, etc. over there where the first person to leave their paypal address claims an item.  Do you think people would buy them?  I guess I'm concerned that I'll end up with 30 homeless pin cushions. 

These are the ones I have done so far.  (I've trimmed them with my hub's grandmother's vintage ricrac.) They have turned out really cute.  They are not super over-stuffed b/c they have walnut shells in them and it's hard to get that puffy full result with walnut shells. (She even had two bags of crushed walnut shells in her box!)

The piggie with some Joel Dewberry fabric..

The piggie's baby with some Riley Blake dots.. she's very tiny, that's a pencil in front of her..

This little British Airways Royal Dalton espresso cup with some Union Jacks..

"the bird"..

..and this seashell with some Lucy's Crab Shack fabric..

What should I charge?  Do you think $10 + 2.50 shipping would be too much?  If the shipping was more, I'd just pay it out of my own pocket, and 100% of the $$ would go to pancreatic cancer research at Stanford.  I don't want to charge too much but at the same time I want to make some money to donate in her honor. Her absence is felt every day, and I think she'd be ecstatic to know her project was completed and to know that they were used to pay it forward in some small way. Pancreatic cancer is an ugly beast.

If you have any feedback as to the best way to go about selling them, feel free to leave me a comment. I've never done any kind of online sale before.


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Angela said...

Kelli, I don't think $10 plus shipping is too much. As far as where to sell them, I don't know what would be the best. I would buy one of them. How big is the bird? It looks pretty tiny, but I like it. Will you make the dark turtle? I like that one, too. I am also on etsy,, if you want to convo me.

Loris said...

Sweet idea! I don't have any suggestions for how...but someone will. This is such a loving gesture.

Darling idea and so sweet of you to take up her someday project in her memory.
Just, please please, be sure to label them as having crushed walnut shells as stuffing! I am deathly allergic to all tree nuts and contact with these could kill! I am not exaggerating! I've had some close calls!

Cherry said...

What an awesome idea!! You are finishing her UFOs to honor her memory and helping a great cause! The ones you have done are so cute.

I would LOVE to have the British Airways cup. Please email me directly and I'll happily use my PayPal to have this in my studio!

sunny said...

What a great idea. Not sure how to sell them, but I don't think you'll have any problem. I'll take the little yellow basket when it's finished. I don't suppose you have any little floral prints? Let me know when you're ready for payment! I've actually collected a few other little ceramic baskets with the intention of making pin cushions, but it's never happened. Yet.

Cathy said...

Those are such a great idea..... so cute and so functional. When our guild has its quilt show, we have a table with items made by guild members.The items are sold and the proceeds go to our community outreach program. I think things like these pincushions would sell really well, and I'd love to make some. Would you be willing to share how you attached the fabric to the porcelain?

what a lovely way to honor your MIL! I really can't help you as far as suggestions on what venue to sell on but I think the price you quoted is very fair....good luck!

I'm clueless in how to market them. I seldom check etsy, I don't do Instagram, etc. I do sometimes check etsy, when someone mentions (and links) to something special. I have a large box in the basement, of cups, etc, to make pincushions with, too. One of these days, I'm going to make the pincushions, and give them to the ladies in my little quilt guild, for Christmas. At least that is the plan.

Finding anything on esty is difficult and so many of us do not have an Instagram about offering them for sale on your blog first - that chicken would make a perfect gift for my quilting buddy across the country so I'd happily buy that!

IG is great for this. If you don't get any takers, then list them on Etsy with a link to your shop. Hope you're successful - what a great tribute to your MIL.

Andee said...

Give them to her family members or close friends for b-days or Christmas. It will be a memento of her AND you for taking the time to make them. Clever idea.
~ A
Your blog name is hilarious - I'm thinking you are a very unique person!

Anthea said...

HI Kelli , I know it's been ages since I popped in here...

If you are an IG user & already have a following there, I think IG would probably be the best place. I don't IG myself but I do know it's enormously popular, & I know that de-stashing is a popular thing to use IG for.

Well done on getting these little pincushions together - what a wonderful way to raise some money for the charity & keep your family members wish.

If I lived in your country, I'd buy one for sure!

LA Paylor said...

I have bought several pin cushions with bases like these. Personally I don't enjoy the rickrack as trim. Alone, the little antiques, with the cushion in them is enough. The ones I have bought have a decorative tall pin in them, with beads strung on the pin, to make it really special.
LeeAnna at not afraid of color

I've done several posts with them... have to see if I can find them. They were bought at the Hampton and Oaks PA shows so those posts.

Janet said...

How wonderful of you to finish this project for your mil. I sometimes wonder if anyone will take on my ufos when I pass away. I think putting them on your blog first is a great idea. And since others are weighing in with the ones they want, I will too. I would like the green swan. I agree that the ric rac doesn't add to them particularly. I'm pretty sure that shipping to me will cost more than $2.50. Please email me if you are willing to sell them this way.

these are WONDERFUL! Such a thoughtful gesture on your part. I would love to see an instagram auction. check out the auction for Eleni for an example. XO!!

Sharon said...

What a great idea! And I hope the process of making them is healing for you as you grieve her.

A couple thoughts for selling....Ebay with it stated as a fundraiser...similar t o how the Quilter's Alliance does each year. Perhaps the charity would be willing to let you use their logo and/or publicize it among their supporters. I think you'd make a lot more that way. And, if you aren't familiar in using Ebay, perhaps the charity would be willing to do that....or even have a sale site already like Goodwill does.

Which leads to my 2nd the charity and see if they have any silent auctions or other special events coming up that they could use them for. Be sure to tell them your mother's story and I would sure think they'd come up with a good way to market them!

And, I also agree about skipping the ric rac. ...seems like it would just get in the way.

Good luck! I look forward to hearing how it all goes!

magistra said...

Hi, I love the little pin cushions you are making. I would be very interested in the little piggy (and I am a huge fan of the ric rac, so perhaps some of each). Anyway, if you do decide to sell them and you have the time, I would love to be notified. Like I said, I have my eye on that peg, haha! The cause you're sewing for and the way this honors your MIL Is wonderful. After seeing the auction for Eleni, IG does seem to be a good venue for this. Anyway, sign me up now or later, I think it's a wonderful idea!

I knew you were good peeps from the first day I read your blog! I don't have any suggestions, as I have never sold anything online, but, perhaps you could offer them on your blog?

Wow, from the comments perhaps you could keep it simple and offer them via your blog? I love the larger pig and would buy it right now...I can send you my paypal info :) Your idea is truly honor your MIL and donate the money.

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