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Monday, April 27, 2015

Bright Lights, Big City Quilt and a Giveaway

I finally finished this quilt and pattern called Bright Lights, Big City the other day. (b/c it reminds me of a skyline. Or color crayons. But mostly a skyline.) ;)

It started out with this Riley Blake solids FQ pack, and a few Riley Blake neon prints that I found online.

Then I used some Triangles on a Roll paper to make the QSTs which I had never tried before, and it worked out great.  The directions are printed on the paper.

And it makes it super quick, and precise to sew up and trim.

I have a really really hard time with matching points, (remember the quilt I made my hub that was eventually named Triangle Massacre?) but with the paper, most of them look like this.  

Which is great for a point-matching-challenged person like me! :) And although they sell a few of my patterns on their website, and occasionally ask me to try their products, they don't pay me to say this stuff!  I just truly love using their papers, b/c perfect points hate me!!  lol  And with the papers, I can make them look like that green one more often than not! :) There's still the occasional rogue point, b/c that's just me, but it's not stressful anymore. :)

And the really, really fun news is that Pat wants to hang it in her Triangles on a Roll booth in Houston in the fall and I'm so excited! Because I get to go, too! :)  EEP!! And if that wasn't enough, she has asked me to be a featured artist in her booth, and come up with new designs using her different products, to show, along with some of the ones I've already made.  I need to be pinched..hard. After I pick myself up off the floor. After the smelling salts wake me up! I get to use something I love, to make things I love, and then share them. It doesn't get much better than that. And to look more official and business-like, I made a fun little logo to put on my patterns. He looks like he needs stitches, no? :)

But as exciting as it is, it's also a little scary and intimidating! I don't want to let her down. Yikes! *plunges face back into paper bag to breathe*

It's all super fun though, and I have lots of ideas to work on all summer that will keep me busy, but I will share what I can.  :) 

In the meantime, Bright Lights Big City is in my Craftsy and Etsy shops. 

If anyone gives it a try out there I hope they will share their finish with me! :)  There is also a twin option as well showing what it would look like in prints with a light background.

For the giveaway.. The Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks blog hop is coming again, on May 4-8. (It will be here on the 4th.) There will be some good prizes up for grabs! :) But for today, I just got some sample copies in the mail, so if you leave a comment on this post, I will pick a winner on Friday to send a copy to. :)

Thanks for popping in! Happy Colorful Monday!!



Chiska said...

How exciting! I'd need a paper bag handy too, but that's awesome! I have the hardest time with corner's so that's good to know about the papers. I bought some a while back in a small size, but haven't used it yet. I may have to try it out now.

Love the Bright Lights Big City quilt. It does look like a skyline. Congrats on being 'shown' in Houston (vendors booths count). I'd love a copy of the magazine. My life gets crazy busy starting that week, and I'll probably miss most blog posts in May (son's wedding).

Joyce said...

Just lovely....I love solids more and more all the time. I have some Triangle papers but have not yet tried've convinced me! Thanks for the chance to win!

Congratulations on, well, everything! And I love your logo.

Brenda E. said...

How exciting! Love the new pattern and thanks for the giveaway!

sunny said...

Cute quilt! I hope you remember the little people on your way to fame and fortune.

Bailey said...

I love the bright colors. I have not tried the triangle paper yet. Hrobbins422 at yahoo dot com

OhioLori said...

Looooove your Quilt!!! You did Awesome job!! & think your Triangles are great...have not tried using the triangle papers...thinkin' I neeeed them! (I too, am Triangle challenged! giggle)

Allison C said...

Awesome quilt and pattern!

KathyinMN said...

Lovely quilt. I ❤️ triangle paper too!

How wonderful is it to have your quilt at Houston and being able to see it there in person. Love the pattern, reminds me of city lights. I had never heard of Triangles on a Roll but have since googled them and think I really, really need some.

Carla said...

Very nice! Have fun at market

Your quilt looks great, Kelli.

Janarama said...

Love the quilt and thank you for the review on the triangles on a roll.

GranChris said...

I like your quilt a lot. I can't wait to see the new magazine. It's always such fun.

That is so exciting for you. A feature artist at Houston. Sampling new products. Quilt hanging in the booth and you get to go. You deserve it. Make sure you enjoy yourself.

Lee said...

Congrats to you! Have fun! thank you for sharing with a giveaway!

Kathy S. said...

I recently got the QST die from Accuquilt. This would be a great pattern for it!

I've long thought about triangle papers but your post has pretty much convinced me, next big triangle based quilt, here I come!

Beth said...

Never tried those papers, but they sound promising! Pretty quilt!

Cute quilt, and what a great adventure ahead for you, congrats!

cute Quilt! I think the blog hop will be fun!

Congratulations on your exciting news! I really like the quilt, it is so fun and, honestly, it reminds me so much of crazyons that it would be a fantastic modern child's quilt. :-) monique.belmer at gmail dot com

Jessica said...

Beautiful. I haven't really worked with triangles before, because honestly they scare me. I am not great with my points either. Thank you for sharing. I may just have to give that triangle paper a try.

Gene Black said...

I have some triangles on a roll - but i never thought of using them to make QSTs. That is a great idea. I will have to try it now.

I love your new design! Congratulations on being a featured artist - you'll knock their socks off!

Vicki H said...

Congrats! I love your fabric choices for the quilt.

cjmont said...

i would be excited too. thanks for the giveaway. your quilt is gorgeous.

Lee Ann L. said...

Just lovely! I wonder how this would look with not so modern colors or prints? It looks so easy to make!

Lisa Marie said...

Love your pattern and your updated logo -- super cute! Thanks for the chance to win the magazine, I always find the 100 blocks issues so inspiring!

Awesome quilt as usual! You mean I may be able to meet you in Houston this year???? Please tell me you are going to be there for festival too and not just market????

Jen Beatty said...

Great quilt! Besides a city reminds me of crayons.

Like the solid version.

LA Paylor said...

such an imaginative quilt! I'd love a chance to win the book!! Thanks so much. I get your posts by email so I don't always come over to leave a comment but I'm a readin' ya
LeeAnna at not afraid of color

That's a beautiful fun quilt! I love the colors!

And thanks for the opportunity to win!

Katy M said...

I love your "crayon quilt" be lovely for a baby :) x

Kaynik said...

I have those papers for triangles, but haven't been brave enough to try them yet. After seeing your perfect points I think I'll get them out and Go For It!


Unknown said...

great quilt. I always look forward to the Quiltmaker 100 block issue. Nancy A:

Love your new quilt pattern, it is very cute. Thanks.

margaret said...

This would be awesome! I love sewing new things.

Patti said...

I just can't believe how different it looks in the two colorways. Have a great time in Houston and thanks for the chance to win.

Kaye M said...

Congrats on having a quilt on display in Houston and being the featured artist! It will be such a great experience for you. I love your quilt too, it is such a happy quilt!

Love your quilt!!! I love the way you used different quilting motifs on the "buildings"! QST are a major pain...guess I need to find some of those papers!! Congrats on the awesome news - you'll do wonderfully!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win the mag!!!

linny said...

The quilt is beautiful. I also enjoy using the paper for triangles, makes it so much easier.

betz2u said...

Your logo is super. Love the quilt. I just discovered paper triangles and they are wonderful. I am a new (old) quilter and all help is appreciated for sure. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Congrats on being chosen for Houston. You will do great. You are so talented. Wish I could be there. Smile you are special.

SueAnn W said...

Oh how lucky I would be to have a win for this copy !!! Love , Love ,Love your quilt ! one lucky kiddo there.
Oh yes I need to mention my google acct. is not liking me, so reach out to skeetersawatcomcastdotnet


Terry said...

Congrats..what a fun quilt!!! Will have to give the paper triangles a try.

ELNM said...

Congratulations - you'll do great! Thanks for sharing your lovely quilt with us and for the giveaway too!

Congratulations! You deserve it! Thank you so much for the tip about the papers, I am always having problems with making points meet.
Your pattern is fantastic!

Janie said...

You are too funny! Love the plunge your face in the bag. Love your quilt. Thank you for the giveaway.

Tspoon said...

Sometimes you are just adorable...thanks for the opportunity to win. I live those books so much.

I love your new pattern! So excited for you and your new venture. The new label is adorable!

JANET said...

Love your quilt, very clever! I really enjoy looking through 100 block magazines for ideas.

Kathy H said...

I am always looking for ways to get more precision with my piecing. Those papers sound great. Such a great quilt pattern, I like the dark background, really shows off the colors.

Hi there!

I like them both, which one would I make? Maybe a combo...

Also love your cute guy who needs stitches!

Would love a copy, thanks

Walter said...

How wonderful for you. I love the QM 100 blocks issues. so fun pjrquilter (at) msn (dot) com

JanAngel55 said...

i have never got this book before but i'd ssure like to make some new blocks that would challenge me!

Nancy said...

I love the books!

Ali said...

That is a fun quilt pattern! I love the quilt blocks issues, thank you so much for the giveaway

Brenda said...

Congratulations on being invited to be a guest designer. What a fun thing that would be to do (after all of the stress of getting ready for the event!), Love the version on the dark background. The light triangles remind me of the windows that are always lit in most of the buildings you see at night.

Sewgirl said...

You did a great job matching your points...thanks for sharing your design.

Great job on those points! Love the color choices and placement, the quilt colors really pop.

Pat V. said...

Oh, fabulous quilt! And congrats on being "featured" in Houston. You will be great!

Janet said...

Congrats! How fun and exciting for you. I love the 100 blocks magazines. Hope I win.

Beth said...

Congratulations! There's a whole lot of fun going on right now. About time, right? I'm glad for you, and glad we readers get to share in it. Thanks for bringing us along.

Fran said...

Your quilt is fantastic! And super exciting news about Quilt Market- well deserved though, congratulations!

I really like your newest quilt and will add it to the many patterns I want to try. ---Really, you all need to stop making so many beautiful patterns! At this rate, I'll never catch up! lol

Congrats on your big news Quilt Market! I've never been, but it's on my bucket list! You'll do great... Just keep smiling and it'll all get done. :)

Congrats on Houston! One day I hope to go to a big quilt show also! Love your quilt!

Alyssa said...

Very cool! I would love the chance to go to a fabric/quilt show. The contrast between the buildings and the darker fabric is great and of the two options you show my personal favorite.

Kath said...

Wow! Congrats on everything. I hope you get to enjoy yourself and see some of the show while you're there and not be tied to the booth the whole time. Love the new pattern, definitely going to make one.

I love your quilt! Thank you for sharing with us!

Nita said...

Congratulations! 😊

Gorgeous quilt! Ok - sounds like triangle paper is in my future!

Happy dance for you....and love your logo ;-) And jealous you get to go to Houston and see your quilts in the booth!!

I am definantly going to make this one! Great use of color and a really fun block! Love the rick rack trim!

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