Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wife of Pi Quilt

Knock, knock! Is anyone still out there?  It's been sooo long since I've logged into my blog that I had to knock all kind of cobwebs down and retrieve my password and set a new one b/c I couldn't remember it and it had logged me out! :) It's been so long since I've posted anything, I feel weird and self conscious, like a stranger here, kind of. ;)

What a busy year it's been! We visited my parents in the midwest for a couple of weeks this summer, we had to get our house painted, our A/C broke, ... it's been the summer of house projects. I've also been sewing like crazy all summer long, and especially the last few weeks.  I'll have lots of new stuff to share very soon.

But today, I thought I'd log on and post about my Wife of Pi quilt.

My hub has already called dibs on it and is asking when he can use it. :)

No one was here to help me take a pic of this quilt, so I got the ladder out and some pant hangers and kept my fingers crossed that I wouldn't fall getting it up there!

I'm so happy with the bright colors and how it turned out! My friend Beth said "Oh, it's very mathy!" That, along with walking past my hub's copy of the book The Life of Pi, I sort of just started calling it the Wife of Pi, and it stuck. :) That's how it got its name. I found some very mathy backing fabric for it too. :)

It's going to be in the Triangles on a Roll booth in Houston in a few weeks.  Is anyone going to the Quilt Festival?  Come and find us! I'm so excited to go, I've never been, and have only been to a couple of local quilt festivals.

This is my favorite of the pictures.. it has the vintage patio chair that used to belong to my hub's grandparents all shined up. *swoon* 

It's also bound with some fabric that I found in my late grandmother's fabric bin. *double swoon* Her favorite color was purple. When I pressed it, the heat brought out the smell of her house. :) Crazy how that happens. Made me miss her but feel close to her at the same time.

The swirls seemed to echo the quilting, too. Like it was meant to be. I had a hard time deciding what to bind it with.. someone on FB suggested I face it.  I had never heard of that. So I was googling, etc trying to figure out what to do. Right about that time I found this fabric.  I like to think that it found me. :) 

Pat Roche quilted.  She is so good!

It's in my Craftsy shop if anyone wants to give it a try.  Please come say hi at Quilt Festival!! I'll be the shy, socially awkward one in the corner of the Triangles on a Roll booth. haha :) Really, though. ;)



Cath said...

This is freaky! I was just thinking about you today...wondering where you were! not kidding...Love the Wife of Pi and what a great name for it....the colourful triangles are very clever. Good luck at the quilt market and...nice to see you back!

Wow that is a very striking quilt! I am jealous I wantta go to Houston-hmmm someday I will!! You will for sure get loads and loads of compliments on the quilt there.

KathyinMN said...

Wow is that quilt a boat load of awesome. Have fun at quilt festival.

For the password thing-cannot recommend programs like lastpass and 1password enough. Synchs between devices + remembers all of your passwords. Both have free versions, but the paid are worth every penny.

Susan said...

Beautiful quilt (loved "The Life of Pi"). I checked out your Craftsy store, lots of wonderful there too. Just wondering the finished dimensions of this quilt.

Maria said...

Welcome. Back....love the quilt...

Laura said...

Love the quilt. Really love the math fabric. Do you know what it's called? I sew for my children who are scientists so it's fun to include such fabric.

Beth said...

I'm glad you're back, and I'm especially happy that the worry of it being weird that you'd been gone awhile didn't make you stay away longer. (I can be like that.)

Thanks for sharing the detail about the heat from the iron bringing out the scent of your grandmother's house in the binding fabric. Isn't it amazing how those scent memories work? And you kind of want to wrap yourself up in them and take a nap, and maybe cry a little bit, and be comforted at the same time? And it doesn't matter that you're "all grown up"? It is so very comforting how universal some experiences are. Or perhaps we just find the people who tend to experience the same things. Either way: I find it immensely comforting.

LA Paylor said...

darn it I won't be a festival this year. Have a great time. LeeAnna

Lori said...

this is so gorgeous. I can see why your husband put in dibs if he has a book on pi. My husband would do the same. have fun at quilt festival.

~Laurie~ said...

The quilt is AMAZING!!

I love love love this quilt!

Kate said...

Good to see you back! Love your Wife of Pi!! Gorgeous!
I'm also crushing on your binding and the quilting is divine! <3

So happy to see your blog show up in my reader :) LOVE how your quilt got it's name. It is really stunning and the quilting really shows it off. Happy times in Houston.

Welcome back to blogging. Great quilt. Reminds me of a cute lunch spot in Wisconsin, 'Pi are Square' where all the pies (dessert and pizza styles) were made in square pans.

Marty G said...

Love your blog. I'm from Goodlettsville, Tn. Thank you for having a give away.

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