Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tutorial: Trash to Treasure Block (& giveaway winners!)

A few months ago, I blogged about my Trash to Treasure block, and had a request for a tutorial. I hadn't had a chance to make anymore, and hadn't taken any pics while making the others. But I finally had a minute to just sit and play with scraps again! I forgot how fun these are. :) 

This is the most recent Trash to Treasure block. (i.e. a block made with bits and scraps from the floor under my machine ha!) I remembered to take pics this time so I could show you how I did it.

Step 1: Cut a 5 1/2" square (or whatever size you feel like cutting, depending on how big you want your final block.

Step 2: Gather some scraps from the floor your scrap bins. Strips, tiny bits, etc. Anything really. I like bright colors.

Step 3: Begin applying them haphazardly strategically around the outer edges of your square. Stitch, press to the outside, repeat.

***If you have a gap like this, just be sure to angle your next fabric enough and place it far enough in to cover it.

Work your way around the edges. Save the excess that you trim off for later use on this or another block.

Another example, this time at a corner.

If you have tiny or smaller pieces, you can piece them together and then sew them on.

Keep adding and stitching until you have about 2" worth of scraps on each side of your square.

Step 4: Turn your block over, and trim each side 1 1/2" from the edge of your white square.

(Save the bits for the next block.)

Voila! You could stop here. I really like it this way too.  I can't decided which I like better.

You would have about a 9" block give or take. Make enough blocks for however big you want your quilt to be and all those little bits of fabric can turn into this!

No sashing:


 Sashing and block framing..


Step 5: Cut your block into quarters..

..turn and reassemble into fat wonky crosses.

With sashing..

With sashing and block framing.

These were the very first two I made this way. I even framed them with scraps. You can tell one turned out smaller than the other because I used a smaller white square. But I just made up the difference in the frame pieces.

Anyway, I hope you tag me if you give them a try. :) I'd love to see!

Onto the giveaway winners!  Thank you to everyone who came to visit and enter during the Quiltmaker 100 blocks blog tour. The winners via random # generator are: Tu-Na Quilts ($30 GC to Winter Creek Cloth), Heide from Heide's Quilty Hugs in MI ($30 GC from Mad About Patchwork), and JoyceLM (copy of QM 100 Blocks). CONGRATS!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!



JoyceLM said...

Thanks for the great tutorial & thanks for picking me as a winner. Can't wait to receive my copy.

Thanks for the tute, it looks like a very fun block, pinning for later use!

Great tutorial! Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

Helen L said...

I love your blocks cut and re-sewn to look like crosses, and then made into the quilt with the sashing. Thanks for the tutorial!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

Kate said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing <3

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tutorial . I can't wait to try one !

Lisa S. said...

This is a genius idea!

Heide said...

WOW, What a fun block with all the scrappy fabric. Thanks for showing us how to make it.

Thanks for the give away, Very excited to be the winner.
Hugs, Heide

wow, a really great way to use up scraps! i love the sample quilts you show from the blocks. just brilliant, kelli!

Fantastic Kelli I need to do something with my scraps. he box is overflowing.

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