Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Homestead Betty Modern Sampler

I forgot to blog about this!

Homestead Betty is one of the quilts that I sewed up for Pat to have in her Triangles on a Roll booth at Quilt Market, and I just realized that I haven't shared it yet other than a few photos on Instagram. Getting it done by the end of October and getting the pattern done was as far as I got.

I made it using Riley Blake Solids (Pepper) and Swiss Dot (Red on White) for the background. I was going to put a border of red gingham but it didn't seem to need a border when it was done, so I used red gingham for the binding. Because I love red..and gingham.. 

And then I found the perfect backing fabric online!  It's called Vintage Market by Tasha Noel. I love the bits of gingham in it. :) And the little bikes and flowers etc.

Homestead Betty was inspired by the Dear Jane quilt.  I have that book and could just look at it all the livelong day.  (But it totally intimidates me.) :)  

It was also inspired by the Farmer's Wife craze. I wanted to design a sort of epic sampler quilt that skirted the line between traditional and modern. But that wouldn't take as long to make as a Dear Jane. Although that is still on my bucket list.

It was so much fun to sew up and a challenge for me because I had never made a quilt with small blocks. But I just did a little bit each week, and before I knew it I had them all sewn up. It's all straight seams, traditional piecing. I used some Triangles on a Roll products since it was going to be for Pat's booth, AND because I'm addicted to them. 

But I wrote up the instructions for either way, stitch and flip (clip and flip?) or TOAR. Because I know there are lots of talented people out there who can make perfect points on their own. (just not me!) :)

The laying out of the blocks was the MOST fun part, as there are so many connections that can be made with the different blocks as they twist and turn through the chevrons. 

I should've steamed out the wrinkles before I took this picture. Things to work on in 2016: perfect points and quilt photography. :)

I like the classic red and white, but I also mocked it up in bright colors and I kind of want to do another like this!

Here it is hanging out in the Triangles on a Roll quilt market booth at its coming out party. A shop in TX talked about converting it to a BOM, and a couple of gals from AQS came by and were soo complimentary of it, it totally made my day! And the whole trip really! 

That's the story of my Homestead Betty quilt and pattern and how it came to be. :) I hope you like it.

My friend Lisa Lisa and the Quilt Jam and I were talking about maybe doing a sew-along of this quilt after the first of the year..  would anyone be interested?  Let me know! I'd love to make another out of multicolors.  It'd be more fun with friends and we could do a block set every couple of weeks or so. And I could line up some prizes. Anyway, let me know! 

Thanks for stopping by!



mumbird3 said...

Seriously AWESOME quilt - it is lovely and so dramatic!!! Way to go!

Brenda E. said...

Would love your pattern but do you have it in hard copy or just digital? Would be great scrappy!

judabelle said...

I bought this pattern at Festival, and would love to do a quilt-along on it! Great incentive to get it done. Cherrywoods, maybe??

sunny said...

Wow!! That is awesome. and what's not to like about red and gingham. I'd have to think about it, but I might be interested in a SAL. I don't know how you find time to do all you do.

Noela said...

What a gorgeous quilt and the backing is very sweet too. Hugs.....

Jody said...

You can do a Dear Jane!! I did one when I first started quilting cuz a friend told me we were going to do one (and I didn't know any better!!) If you can design this fabulous quilt, you can do Jane!

MissPat said...


This is gorgeous. While I like the red and white, the mock-up in multi-colors just makes the blocks pop. I'd be interested in a SAL. I stay away from mysteries because I like to know what the end result will be. This is perfect and I have TOAR tucked away somewhere.

Your design is fabulous--love it! I'm always a sucker for a sew along, even though I try hard to resist--they are sew fun!

cjmont said...

i totally would love to do sal next year.

What a great quilt! Love the polka dot background. Of course, RED is my favorite color, too. I might jump in, if you do BOM, etc.

OMG!!! THAT is a seriously AMAZING quilt!!! LOVE the rainbow mock-up, too.

Unknown said...

Kelli, Homestead Betty is so amazing that I just had to comment on her. I literally keep sitting here looking at all the different blocks and seeing the individual patterns, simple complexity! How you put it all together into such a dramatic cohesive pattern is just awesome! Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us!

Just love Homestead Betty so you won't need to twist my arm to join in a sew along.

Goodness me, it's stunning!! Bravo!!! *stands up and applauds*

Anonymous said...

It is really sofisticated and complicated pattern! I think it was really hard to complete everything correctly, so you did an awesome and outstanding job! Congratulations from!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
imatopper said...

I LOVE this quilt! I would be interested in doing it as a quilt along.

The quilt is fabulous. You did such an amazing job, and I love the quilt backing too.

I love both versions of this pattern! Would love to do a multi color qal! thanks

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