Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mini Minecraft Sewist: LuLu

One of the most fun things about this Minecraft Sew Along has been seeing all of the excited kid pics and/or kids helping to sew their blocks. I'm not exaggerating when I say it makes my eyes misty to see them. It blows my mind that something I drew up for my son could bring so much excitement to kids, and even spark their interest in learning to sew.

Last week I got the sweetest message from Jen in Australia. She gave me permission to share it, along with LuLu's pictures. It made my whole day and an Elna Mini? How cool is that! Here it is:

Just thought I'd share my pictures of my 8 yr old sewing her own quilt.  I am cutting out the pieces for her and she's sewing it all on her elna mini, she even does all the pressing herself.  I helped her with the first two and now she is on her way and I barely need to supervise.  Love that this has gotten her into sewing, it's very simple and using basic techniques, but not boring because she loves watching as the blocks come together!  Once she's finished I'll put it all together for her and quilt it.  We're in Australia.  She's already said she didn't like a couple of the faces so I have drafted them slightly differently for her, which is fine!  If she wants to go ahead I might end up making some of our own blocks so we can finish it more quickly.  But love that you have made it so easy for her, she follows the tutorials completely on her own using the ipad. Many thanks!  Jennifer

How cute are the pinning pictures, and the concentration, and the ipad sitting next to her, and the Elna Mini?! Thanks for letting me share it, Jen! And thanks for sharing it with me!! I love that you're changing some of the blocks just for her. :D

 Lulu rocks! And she's only 8 yrs old! :D

Hi, LuLu! Thanks for sewing along with me! You're doing such a great job!

Next Monday is the Mooshroom.. I can't wait for that one. Red's my favorite color and he just looks like fun to make. My son's looking forward to that one, too.

Thanks again for sewing along everyone, and don't forget to use the tags #minecraftmondays and/or #minecraftquilt on IG or Twitter if you post pics! :D

We've been busy this week with field trips and also working on the school's Family Literacy Night, which also has a Minecraft theme this year, and I was tasked with making up the passport (the card that the kids get stamped at each station). We used a passport last year, and when the kids get all of the sections stamped they can turn it in for a chance to win a doorprize. It keeps them engaged and moving around the room. This will be this year's passport. haha!

Have a great weekend. I'll be over here OD'ing on Minecraft. ;)



I told another friend about this quilt, earlier today. She thought it sounded great.

I love this! Your design is a great starter quilt for kids. I am going to have to get my kids involved. This is going to be our summer project, since I have not actually gotten started yet.

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