Thursday, June 9, 2016

Color Outside the Lines Quilt

This quilt, even though it's pencils and not crayons, still brings that "new crayon smell" straight back to me. 

Remember being a little kid and getting a new box of crayons? How when you opened the box and the smell rose up and all of those bright colors hit you with their new, sharp and unused goodness? I STILL love getting a new box of crayons. Probably more than my kid does. Is that weird? ;)

So when Jina from Riley Blake asked me to think about coming up with something for the launch of their new Crayola colors and Confetti Cottons this spring, the wheels started spinning! And Color Outside the Lines was born. It was easy to name because I think we all do a certain amount of coloring outside the lines. :)

I sent her the design, and she gave me the thumbs up, and a couple of weeks later, I had the best mail day ever!

Bright colors make me happy! :D

It was so much fun to sew up. Soon, it was off to be quilted by Pat Roche in Arizona. (Nothing I quilt should ever hang in a booth--me and my wonky plaid or straight line quilting--ha!) I asked her if she could quilt the name across the bottom border and she DID! It's kind of hard to see in the pictures, but I LOVE it!

Jina emailed me this photo of it in the Riley Blake booth the night before Quilt Market opened in SLC.

The Confetti Cottons are soo vibrant and bright! You can kind of see the name quilted in the bottom border in this pic.

I was so happy, esp. after my pink Mod GeoCruiser quilt was stolen a couple of years ago at Quilt Market, to see this one come home to me in the mail!! Here it is on my couch. I backed it with Riley Blake quatrefoil in yellow, and bound it in green as a nod to my love for all things Crayola. :D

(Don't tell anyone but I have about 6 small boxes of new crayons hoarded away in my laundry room cupboard--I can't resist them when they go on sale every year at back to school time!)

This quilt got so much love on Instagram while at Quilt Market, I was floored! Thank you to anyone who shared it or left kind words for it. The pattern is finally up in my Craftsy shop and I'm in the process of submitting it to distributors so maybe you'll spot it in your LQS sometime! (and stay tuned for the mini-coming soon!)

If you ever see the pattern out in the wild at your LQS, I would love if you could shoot me a picture of it--that would be sooo exciting!!

In the meantime, don't forget to color outside the lines! I'm off to sniff some crayons. haha



sunny said...

Awesome quilt!! So glad it made it home safely.

mumbird3 said...

Wonderful quilt - just love it! Way to go!!

Angela said...

I've seen this quilt all over Instagram! School supplies are one of my favorite things and this quilt just brings me joy. Maybe a mini would be perfect for my classroom!

Great quilt. I saw it on someone's blog (they said it was your quilt). I like the BIG box of crayons. I have to put them back in the correct places.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this! 💛💚💙💜❤️

What a fantastic quilt! I love the design and the colors are so.....pretty! I will be looking for this pattern at my LQS! Congrats for having it displayed at Quilt Market! How exciting!!!

It's fabulous and I'm so pleased you got it back! Did they ever find the stolen quilt?

Kathleen said...

Oh I SO know what you mean about a new box of crayons. And you are not weird for still loving them, because I do too!! And I love this quilt and whoever quilted it did a fantastic job. Just great all around. And so happy you got this one back!! I'm going to look for it at Craftsy next.

I love new crayons too! This is my very favorite quilt of all the ones I saw from posted market this year. It is just a fun, creative and "wow" kind of quilt.

leanne said...

thank you so much for doing up a pattern - I LOVE this quilt :)

We carry it at Calico Creations, the shop i work at in Mount Vernon WA! We have fabric pulled to make a shop sample too. It is a great pattern!

Hi Kelli
I absolutely love this pattern! I would like to make it for our daughter, but I am having trouble finding a jelly roll with the spectrum of colours. Do you know of an available product? (I live in Europe, so even better if stockist is in UK/EU).

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