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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Minecraft Mondays Extra: Giant Ender Dragon Tail Section

Happy Tuesday!

Remember the Ender Dragon that my son colored on a graph by looking at the his Minecraft t-shirt, for his quilt back? Well, I started dividing it up last night into smaller parts. :/ If I keep looking at it as a whole, I'll never get started. It seems really daunting.

BUT, after I started dividing it up, it seemed totally doable! Here's what I did. It will go together in three big sections. Baby steps. :)

So once I got the tail section divided up, I set out to make easy blocks out of it.

When I get blocks A-J done,then I'll assemble it like the photo below, and it *should* be the tail section. I didn't do too many numbered arrows this time, so if you make one of these, just stitch together the attached pieces in the diagram first.  It's not too complicated. I like easy things! :D 

Make sure to label your blocks, though so it's easy to assemble at the end when you're stitching the whole section together. Oh and I'm using three shades of gray for Ender Dragon: dark, medium, and light.


Block A: dark gray, light gray and purple.

Block B: black, medium gray, purple.


Block C: dark gray, light gray, and purple.


Block D: black, medium gray and purple.


Block E: black and light gray.


Block F: dark gray, light gray and purple.


Block G: black, medium gray, purple.


Block H: black and light gray.


Block I: Black, purple, light gray and dark gray.


Block J: dark gray and purple.


Here's the assembly pic of the entire tail section again..

I'll post some progress pics once I start working on him. My son is sooo excited to see him develop. ;)

Have a great day and thanks for popping in! 


*CLICK HERE for downloadable pdf*


I want to thank you for posting all of the Minecraft character tutorials. I only found this recently but I just completed the last (20th) one today. This is going to make my grandson very happy when he receives it with his Christmas gifts!

Oh I love it! Do you know how big the whole thing is going to be approximately? Thanks so much! :)

I'm wondering the same thing Kelli, how big will the entire dragon be? I'm thinking I can add him as a row under the name.

I'm looking forward to seeing this dragon!

Where are the other sections of the dragon? Also how big is he total and how much fabric is needed

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