Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Minecraft Mondays Extra: Giant Ender Dragon Head Section

I finished diagramming out the giant Ender Dragon that my son drew for his quilt back! I can start stitching him up soon! I will finish this quilt by his birthday if it kills me!  Luckily I have until October, but if we keep adding things, I'll be pushing it. :)

Here is the whole thing divided up.

And here is just the head section:

And here are the blocks:

Block A: purple and black.

Block B: purple and black.

Block C: black, medium gray, light gray and purple.

Block D: dark gray, medium gray, light gray, purple and black.

Block E: dark gray, medium gray, purple and pink.

Block F: dark gray, medium gray, purple and pink.

Block G: purple and medium gray.

Block H: dark gray, medium gray, purple and pink.

Block I: dark gray, medium gray, purple and pink.

*edit* I started on it! And here's a little of it going together.. The colors my son picked are slightly darker than the drawing. It's coming together fast!

Thanks for stopping by, and as always, for mining along with me. It's been so much fun!

Have a great day!


*CLICK HERE for downloadable PDF*


CandyR said...

Fantastic! Thanks! Any ideas on how you are going to quilt it?

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I'm loving seeing yours come together!! <3

Do you have any idea how much yardage I need to get of each color for the dragon? I don't have enough black, nor do I have the greys and purples in my stash. Thank you for any help you can give me for this. I love your directions! I'm also very happy you are planning to do the pickaxe since I've been puzzling through that one. Would you also do the diamond sword too?

What color purple did you use?

Unknown said...

I have the same questions as LeeAnn Smith and Mama Mel... what are the yardages needed for the complete Ender Dragon for the back of the quilt? And... the names of the color(s) used? Thank you! I SO look forward to each of these postings!

Unknown said...

do u have to use purple for the dragon for back of quilt or can i use a bright green

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