Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Aurifil Giveaway + Teal Mini Swap

Do you like swaps? Minis? Sewing for a good cause?

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, and my friend Beth (aka EvaPaige Quilt Designs) has been running this Teal Mini swap for 5 years now in memory of her late mother who died from ovarian cancer. Each year it gets bigger and more fun with more states and provinces participating. 


Here's a sampling of the swap items that were shared last year. I didn't get to participate last year but I did the year before and it was so much fun. 

In Beth's own words:

"This will be the fifth year for the Teal Mini Swap and I am very much hoping for record numbers that defy my senses, in terms of both participants and monies raised toward finding a cure for this ridiculous killer of women."

Here's how the swap works..

1. You register by clicking here.

2. You are sent an 8" square of the designated teal swap fabric which must be used somewhere in your mini (or mug rug, etc). 

Below is this year's fabric which has been generously donated by Moda.

3. You are assigned a swap partner, and have until 10/1 to get your partner's mini done and mailed to them.

That's it! Super easy! And for a good cause.

More of Beth's own words:

"I started this swap several years ago because I lost my own mother to ovarian cancer in 2002. It's an insidious form of female-only cancer that affects far too many women at a prime time in their lives - average age of diagnosis is 57, which is exactly how old my mom was and is also a popular age for quilters.  Awareness comes in as participants are invited to join the Teal Mini Swap FB page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/twoforteal2014/), where we share photos of our swaps, encourage each other to share articles and personal experience with ovarian cancer, and overall it has become a very lovely group of women who just want to make a difference. We have several survivors as members as well as a few who still fight. Sadly, we lost a member this year to the disease, but she's a good reason to keep fighting." 

If you would like to participate, you can register by clicking here. You can find out all of the specifics there.

To kick off the sign ups, Beth has arranged a blog tour July 26-28, and August 2-4, and each stop has a prize up for grabs! You don't have to sign up for the swap to be eligible for the prizes, but of course Beth would love it if you did! 

Prize: One of these three Aurifil thread collections (winners announced Aug 1):

Sweetly Stitched
Moonshine Meadow

July 26 - Kelli Fannin, 

Seriously....I Think it Needs Stitches
  (You are here) :)

July 27 - Amy Friend, During Quiet Time
July 28 - Jacquelynne Steves, 
Jacquelynne Steves

Prize - Mistyfuse collection:

August 2 - Diane Harris, Quilty Pleasures
August 3 - Laura Piland, Slice of Pi
August 4 - Michele Foster, Quilting Gallery

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment letting me know how hot it is where you live right now. (supposed to be in the 100's here all week-ugh) If you'd like, you can also share if you or anyone you know has had any experience with ovarian cancer. 

Feel free to share about the blog tour and swap anywhere on social media. Let's help Beth get all of North America participating!

Huge Thanks!!!



Lee said...

It was 92 yesterday and going to be 88 today here in Southeast Michigan! Hot for Michiganders!
One of my friends is a 8 hr survivor of ovarian cancer!! She is a three time cancer survivor and I need to join in and support!!! thank you!

Dody said...

It was 97 yesterday. It's supposed to be 88 today with a chance of storms.

Janie said...

It is only suppose to be in the 80's today. It is a needed relief from the dreaded heat. Thank you for the giveaway.

Mid to low 80s all week here, but last week was super hot and sticky with heat advisories.

I don't know anyone who has fought ovarian cancer, but I think this movement is important so I'm going to sign up. Thank you for the giveaway.

margaret said...

89 here. My grandmother died of ovarian cancer when i was 6. I love the idea of a swap but i can't commit right now to getting something finished and sent in a month.

Brenda said...

It's cooler today here in western Ky. Only 88 with a heat index of 100 degrees!

Unknown said...

Cooled down to the mid to high 80s today and looks like a thunderstorm is about to hit. Love summer storms!

It's only in the 80's today because we've had crazy wind and a bit of rain.

Rachell said...

At one point, on our drive home this afternoon, the car thermometer said 102 in Utah Valley, Utah. Sheesh! You step outside and instantly start sweating, and your energy just drains away and you feel like you're melting. Utah is still a desert!
I don't think I've known anyone personally with ovarian cancer, but a dear friend recently beat breast cancer. I would love to make a quilt for her, to celebrate her courage.
These are lovely colors.

JANET said...

It cooled down to 100 here today. They say it might cool to 94 next week. Will have to look for my coat!

It's only 82 today in central North Dakota. But the humidity must be in the 40s. I know several women who never survived ovarian cancer. kthurn(at)bektel(dot)com

Dee said...

84 and humid here in MN Love the idea for ovarian cancer awareness!

Allison C said...

Heat wave here in Boston...90-95 for a week now. Yuk!

wmv said...

It was just a good summer day today, finally, in Central Illinois. The past weekend was thick with humidity. 90 degrees with 89% humidity. That is the worst as we all know. But that is what summers are all about. I just remember winter then it doesn't bother me so much! It could be worse. We could be in a place like Afghanistan wearing lots of clothes!

Mary Dawn said...

92 today, required a milkshake run ;)

What a wonderful charity! I participated last year and am signed up again this year:) such a great group!
It's 55 here in Alaska, with rain quenching a nearby wildfire, thank goodness! So I'm in the sewing room trimming quikts and finishing up a top:) xx

jeannine said...

This sounds like a fun swap for a great cause! It is in the mid 80's this week but super humid!

Bec said...

It's not too hot here compared to lots of places - in the high 70's and it's supposed to get hotter later this week. I don't know anyone who's had ovarian cancer.

mumbird3 said...

This is a wonderful swap! I did it last year and I am doing it again this year! Cleveland was steamy today!

sunny said...

Hi Kelli! It was a lovely 99 here yesterday, but a lovely cool 93 today. It was interesting to read about this swap. I may just join!

cakegirl said...

Chicago has been hot, but it is the high humidity that has been miserable. My mother died from ovarian cancer in 1973 at the age of 56.

GranChris said...

It is 98 here, unusual for July but better then 10 as far as I'm concerned. I hate cold weather.

Rani said...

I think it was about 97 here in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Luckily, I was inside for most of the day organizing my wardrobe trailer for the tv show I'm starting soon.

Melanie said...

It is in the low 80s here...just perfect!
One of my co-worker's wife passed away last year from ovarian cancer :(

Upper 70's here in Pacific Northwest Washington. That's hot enough for me!

Upper 80's with some humidity.

Cindy said...

70's here in western Washington. Been a mild summer with not a lot of sunshine. Hoping for more in August!

@lutzcats said...

I'm in Sunny Southern California 25 miles east of LA it was 101 last time I checked...the electric bill reminds me how HOT it is, and the local swimming pool calls me to visit as often as possible!!!

Jeanne said...

90.4 degrees here in Groton, MA at 6pm Hopefully, the last 90-dgree day of the 7-day heat wave, but we'll see... Love Aurifil threads, love dear, sweet Beth and loving that you are helping her with this fun Mini Teal Swap to raise awareness for the need to cure Ovarian Cancer. Thank you for everything you do.

A sweet 85 now but has been and will be in the 90's (3 weeks and counting). Yikes!
I lost a sister-in-law and a step-daughter to ovarian cancer; sis-in- law used baby powder. :(
This swap is a great idea. Thanks.

3Dogbones said...

It is in the low 80s north of Seattle which is very warm for us. This will be my second year to participate in the swap.

Chiska said...

It was 91 here yesterday. Too hot for me to even think.

AlidaP said...

It's in the upper 90s around here. In my life I was blessed not to have direct experience with ovarian cancer, but I support the cause of the teal mini swap and I participated also last year. It was a great experience! Thanks for the chance!!

Emily C said...

Wow, so much teal. I love blues. It isn't too bad today. Only 86. It's been in the 90's most of the week.

Unknown said...

Forecast today is just 88 degrees - cooler than it's been lately. I'm a third-year participant in this Teal Swap for Ovarian Cancer Research. Lost my momma at age 46 to both ovarian and breast cancers. I'm a three-year cancer survivor myself (breast cancer). Life is short. Find time today to do something you love!

We are in a "heat cone" here.......never heard of that one before. It has been in the upper 90's and very humid. Storms coming through tonight will hopefully break "the cone". Sounds so silly! Thanks for the chance to win. ��

Unknown said...

It is to be in the 90's here today. This week has been cooler than last week and not as humid. I have signed up for the swap - first timer so excited to participate and help a go cause.

Pamela said...

It is about 88 degrees and humid in my part of Wisconsin today - a good day to stay inside and sew! Thank you for this blog hop that draws attention to ovarian cancer!

Monica said...

It is 90 degrees. But Monday it was 99 degrees.

Mara said...

I wish I lived in the States, what a wonderful cause to sew for and I have so much fun making mini's. It was in the upper 90's here in Greece, went to the pool in the morning and then had the air conditioning on for the rest of the day.

Unknown said...

Couple of days past your post bug I think the Temps today are hovering around 'well done' or 'charred beyond recognition'! Hello from SE Virginia (by Virginia Beach ).

Well it is winter here in Australia and we have been having about 3 degrees Celcius for the past few days - a bit nippier than what you guys are having in the US!

On the beautiful coast of Maine it was a hot 82! Heat wave for Maine.

Sherry said...

Today it was about 90.......but it was way hotter a couple of days ago!

It's in the mid 90 but looking like rain in the near future so temps will be dropping, heard mis 60 stoning hit in NH but we shall see been waiting for some rain. Grounds really need it

Sabrina said...

It was *only* 96 here today thanks to a thick cloud cover.

sewpsyched said...

A little cooler today in Pittsburgh, around 85 after a week of high 90's. Don't complain though, we'll be wishing for some of this heat come February!

teachpany said...

Hi. It's currently in the 90s during the day on Long Island. I need Air Conditioning in my studio! Thanks. (I signed up, and did it last year). So much fun!

Today it was 74 degrees...until the thunderstorms rolled in about an hour ago. Now it is about 65 and raining to beat the band. The air is fresh and clean and our garden is now watered! Oooo! More thunder!!!

I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, where life is wonderful!

BCT said...

Not too bad here (Squam Lake in NH) now. About 75. But we need RAIN!!!! NH in a severe drought

carol said...

It was 96 yesterday. Pouring rain today and only 74,

Well we are finally getting a bit of a break...9 pm and 79 😄Middle Tennessee has had a rough few weeks along with the rest of the country!

Up until this late, it's been pretty hot here in New Braunfels, TX. But now there's a Low sitting near us, so it's been raining. A Lot. It rained a LOT in May, then nothing in most of June & July, and now a LOT again. On Monday evening we got about 3.5" in just a couple of hours. Not complaining, we NEED the rain, but maybe just not all at once? Today it topped out at 95 at 3pm and then another blast of rain dropped it to 78 by 4pm. Currently 75 and clearing out.
Today's weather is brought to you byLauraMcFall! lol
Thanks for the BlogHop and the chance to win some Aurifil. Hoping this years swap passes all of Beth's expectations! Last year was my first and I really enjoyed it.

Kathy E. said...

We are currently in Minneapolis and the temps up here have been very nice in the 70's! I have had a few friends who have conquered ovarian cancer. Listening to their stories and giving them support is such a great thing a friend can do. Thank goodness they continue to make progress in cancer research.

Unknown said...

The high temps (in the 90's), have finally broke. Today will be in the 70's.

Cathy said...

It is hovering around the low 90s but at this point I have just accepted the heat.....and the humidity....and a very small air conditioner! Oh well it is summer after all! I participated in the swap last year and am excited to be a small part of this year's efforts. Sadly I know many people who are or who have faced this horrible cancer. We must do all that we can to help research efforts to end all forms of cancer.

KarenS said...

It's 79 here now but was in the mid 80's earlier. Thanks for entering me into your giveaway!

It is very hot, 30+, and humid making for some very uncomfortable days. I am a Breast Cancer survivor and know several who lost their battle to ovarian cancer.

Low 90's which is a cool down. High humidity tho:)
Thank you for enlightening we girls on this cancer . No one personally I've known but we need to continue our healthy routines and not ignore those symptoms.


Unknown said...

This is my first year to be part of the Teal Mini Swap and I am so excited. It has been in the high 90 degrees but I am going home tomorrow to Grove, OK ....hoping it will be cooler there.

Beth said...

It's in the high 70's here in Oregon, and we are thankful for sunny skies at last.

I've lost two friends to ovarian cancer, one of whom was especially close to me, so I am thankful for this wonderful effort to raise awareness. I, too, am One Mad Chick.

Maxine said...

it has been high 90's here all week and with the humidity it's just downright YUCK out.

I don't have anyone in my family (that I know of) who has had to battle ovarian cancer. My mother did have a battle with Non Hodgkins 20 years ago. The chemo treatment gave her congestive heart failure. We lost her 3 years ago. I miss her every day.

smreusser said...

In NE Ohio we are arnd 84 today but very humid! I don't know anyone with ovarian cancer but just had 2 friends diagnosed with cancer. One stage 4 lung cancer & the other lymphoma. Cancer is such an horrific disease!

Havplenty said...

It is hot in the Midwest where I live. 100+ degree temperatures with the heat index and humidity included. I have been living by my AC this summer. My allergies and asthma get harder to control with the heat so hot but all is okay. My sister in law fought a 3 year battle with ovarian cancer and succumbed a little over a year ago. She inspired me so much as she fought hard to live her life for her family after being so devastated with the diagnosis. At her final service, many cam forward to speak of her determination in spite of her sickness.

tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

tac73 said...

It's only supposed to be about 80 here today which will be a relief after the high 90's last week.

judi said...

It is in the 90s here in CO. It's starting to cool off more quickly though. Fall is coming!

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