Friday, September 15, 2017

Pokemon Fridays Sew Along Kick-Off Post

Hi! (hand waving) It's the very first Pokemon Friday! 

Do you have any Pokemon fans at your house? It was all the rage at our house this summer, from Pokemon Go to a local art camp that had a Pokemon week. So, of course, the natural progression of things led to a quilt. :D

Ever since finishing the Minecraft quilt, my son kept asking me when we were going to make another quilt and have another sew along. He had a lot of fun watching the Minecraft blocks pop up and seeing people, and esp. other kids his own age sewing along, (and drawing extra blocks himself!) so when I mentioned Pokemon being a possibility, he jumped right on board and started researching Pokemon images that we could turn into blocks. He loves to draw! Not so much sew, but draw things for me to sew. ;) 

So in case anyone else is up for a Pokemon quilt, here's the info:

These characters have more detail than the Minecraft characters, so in order to keep them beginner and kid friendly, the blocks will be bigger -- they will finish at 20". Except for the top row. That will be broken into 19" blocks, and the difference made up in the sashing. 

The quilt will turn out to be twin size. 74 x 96". There may or may not be extra blocks at then end, I'm not sure. ;) I do know my son has already sketched up a four character panel for the back of his quilt. (yay.) lol But I will tackle that when the time comes. And post the tutorial for it too, in case anyone is interested.

That's a ways down the road though. I might know the dog character's name, Rockruff is it? I could be wrong. But the others I don't know. Maybe your kids will recognize them. :) Here are some of my son's free hand drawings he did in the paint program on our computer this summer. Name those Pokemon characters.. 

I digress. haha! I've forgotten the names of them. :/ Anyway, I plan to do the same as the Minecraft Mondays, only make it Pokemon Fridays. :) I will do my best to post a new block and tutorial every other Friday, because these blocks are bigger and take more time to break down into the diagram images, cutting lists, and stitch etc. That will give us all plenty of time to work on the block before the next one comes out. 

All of the pieces will be squares and rectangles and none smaller than 1 1/2" (1" finished). Diagrams will have small grey arrows, and larger numbered arrows, just like last time. I want any kids that might want to sew along for the entire quilt, or even just a block or two, to be able to easily handle the pieces. That was my most favorite and surprising thing about the Minecraft quilt -- seeing how many kids were sewing and/or helping their parents or grandparents. It warms my heart to this day!

To make it easy, Fat Quarter Shop has put together a FQ bundle of the solid colors that I'm using--that you can purchase by clicking here or under the image below. 

*click here for info*

It includes all of the colors used in the quilt top. Although the bundle does contain a FQ of each, a handful of them do require more than a FQ so you'll need to make up the difference for those. But you might want to wait and see if you have any of those colors in your stash or scraps that you can make up the difference with. Click here or under the image below to download the PDF of the complete fabric list and requirements.

*click here to download PDF*

My son has picked the Bella Bright Turquoise for background, but you might have another color in mind. You'll need 5 1/2 yds. for the background. All of the info is on that sheet above. Although some of the colors require only 1/8 of a yard, I think the fat quarters will work great, as there will be some extra in case there are extra blocks at the end. And also to keep in your stash. I love having extra bits of solids around!

Here is what it looks like with a darker blue background but my son was sold on the turquoise. I can't wait to see what other colors pop up. :)

If you sew along and would like to share on social media, please use the hashtags #pokemonquilt and/or #pokemonfridays. Or tag me @kellifanninquilts. That way we can all find them and see your blocks. :) 

There will also be a Pokemon Sew Along page where I'll link to all the block tutorials. Just like the Minecraft page. You can land on that page by clicking on the Pokemon Sew Along button in the left sidebar over there. :)

Happy Sewing!! xoxoxox



Rani said...

First you had Minecraft Mondays which I saved and my 12 year old son is hoping I'll make someday. And now Pokemon? If there's one thing he loves more than Minecraft, it's his Pokemon! I was even able to take him to the Pokemon Game World Championships in Anaheim recently as a spectator. I'll be following along with this one too! And maybe actually be able to start it since I'm in at the beginning! Thank you!

Bea said...

My grandson loved his Minecraft quilt that I had made. He loves Pokemon too! Oh no, I feel another quote.t coming on.! Looking forward to it!


CandyR said...

I made 2 Minecraft quilts! I'm considering joining in but only one this time ūüėČ

Liz in TX said...

I'm all set, just ordered my Fat Quarter bundle and background fabric! I figured my son is only 10 once and he LOVES Pokemon :-)

You and you son are very creative. Have fun with the sew along.

Liz said...

So adorable! I love how all these Pokemons are the originals ... the old-school ones :D Is this a pixel art quilt, then?

Cute project. I am making plans to sew along. This type of blocks are new to me so I hope I am up to the task ... :) Pat

Unknown said...

Just received my Fat Quarter bundle today. Excited to start cutting out the first block but have to decide on the background fabric. I am making it for my younger grandson SJ. My oldest grandson Jayden loves his Minecraft quilt. I am so glad you created a Pok√©mon theme quilt because I was thinking of doing one for SJ. Thanks so much. He will be so surprised. ��

Unknown said...

How in the WORLD did I NOT hear about this?!?! We are HUGE Pok√©mon players in my house and I’ve gotta make this quilt for my son. In fact, I never would have known about this if I hadn’t seen the bundle on the Fat Quarter Shop’s website. I’m going to go back to FQS, buy the bundle, and start to catch some Quilty Pok√©mon!
Thank you for sharing!
Ann :)

Julie said...

Hi Kelli,
Thanks for doing these wonderful quilts. I originally had plans to do the Harry Potter quilt, but then I saw the Pok√©mon one and am doing it first. I hope to give it to my son and daughter in law at Christmas. I was wondering if you ever added any more blocks. I would really like to have a charmander block since he was one of the first three and my son has been playing since these games came out. Thanks. By the way I have completed 5 blocks already and love the way they are turning out. This is one of my quarantine quilts. ��

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