Monday, July 9, 2018

"Guardian Angels Rock" Mini Quilt

Hi!👋  Happy Monday! It's been so long since I've had time to post, I'm knocking cobwebs down over here! I have a special little quilt to share! 

It started back in January of this year, I think it was, when Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation asked if I would like to stitch up this super fun quilt pattern, called 'Take Flight' as part of a blog tour celebrating the release of her new book, Stash Statement. Of course I said yes! It seemed like such a long ways away at the time, but time flies and it's here!

Stash Statement by Kelly Young

The quilt pattern that I stitched up for the book release celebration, called 'Take Flight', is a bonus pattern, lap quilt size, a companion pattern to the book. It is not actually included in the book, but Kelly is offering it as a free PDF to anyone who purchases a signed copy of Stash Statement

'Take Flight' (as well as each of the quilts in the book) is super simple and super scrap friendly.

I ended up shrinking the pattern by half and turning it into a mini, and gave it a name, Guardian Angels Rock, but before I tell you about it, here's just a little about the book:

Stash Statement is an excellent coach. I know a lot of us are uncomfortable with improv piecing, but Kelly has laid out some excellent guidelines and instructions on how to get your feet wet with structured improv piecing and even become confident with it. 

So, there's no need to fear improv anymore! Plus, all of the pictures in the book are just bright and colorful and happy. :) Included are twelve gorgeous quilts and instructions to make them all! Great for not only scraps, but any fabric in your stash, just as the title implies. Perfect for all of those extra jelly roll strips, or the rogue layer cake square or fat quarter. And just plain any-old-scraps. Even ugly scraps, tho I'm not sure those even exist. (just cut them smaller-ha!) 😊

I legit love this book! 

With that said, here is the story behind this little mini and why I named it Guardian Angels Rock

First, the wings remind me of some sort of angel wing tattoo.. (I'm not brave enough for an ACTUAL tattoo but I do have four tiny radiation tattoos from when I had cancer...)

Which made me think of a friend of mine who had mentioned possibly making a quilt for her bestie's little girl who is maybe 4 yrs old, who recently kicked the butt of cancer (childhood leukemia) after undergoing 2+ yrs. of treatments. (I'm not sure of the timeframe.) I followed her journey on facebook... (pics used with permission from her mom) 

Charlotte is one brave, strong little girl. With such an angelic smile...

Which made me think of guardian angels. And how this quilt might be perfect for her. Especially if I shrunk the pattern by half and made it into a mini, for a doll quilt! Or a cuddle quilt...

(**because I shrunk the pattern, I used a pile of pretty small scraps so it would look good and scrappy!**)

Because Charlotte's story reminds me, as a survivor also, of the saying, "When life hands you scraps, make a quilt."

I even used some of my scraps from Amanda Herring's Ardently Austen fabric line in the angel wings, and didn't notice until after the fact how perfect they are! I love the one about loving what you create, but many of them are soo perfect for Charlotte and her journey. I circled only a couple. But love them all!

Such great sentiments for a sweet, brave little warrior embarking on her cancer-free life! 

So that is my convoluted thought process on how participating in this Stash Statement blog hop for Kelly's book release led me to make this quilt and shrink it into a little quilt, for Charlotte, to celebrate her fighting spirit and the fact that Guardian Angels Rock! Truly. And may they always look after Charlotte as she grows into a healthy, happy young lady.
Who is so adorable, btw! I didn't expect to get emotional writing this post, but I'm kind of emotional right now, and just so sooo happy for her, and her parents!! The pic below.. 💛

Also, Charlotte's mom and my friend are die hard rock and roll fans so it's kind of for them, too. -- Rock on Charlotte and company! I can't wait to get this quilted and get a label on it! I hope she loves it forever!

Thank you Kelly for this wonderful pattern and for your amazing talent and book! And for asking me to be a part of your book release celebration. It ended up leading me on a wonderful journey making this little quilt, for this amazing, brave, and strong little girl! 💚 Lots of prayers and best wishes are stitched into it!

Guys, if you want to check out the quilts that are in Kelly's book, head to her website, My Quilt Infatuation and you'll find all of the blog tour links. Each week, a different quilt from the book was featured. So you can see them all made up before you purchase your copy.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

Be strong, but playful, (like Charlotte!) & Happy Stitching!! Have a great week!




This quilt is just fantastic, and the story of its recipient is so special. Thank you again for helping me launch my book, Kelli!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

This is an amazing story and you did an awesome job on that little quilt! She is a special little girl and you are special for making her this quilt! So thankful to hear she is cancer-free!

Unknown said...

Love this version! Great job.

Sounds like the perfect quilt for Charlotte. Looks like a good pattern book, too.

Yes. I think you landed on JUST the right quilt for Charlotte!!

Danice G said...

What a courageous story. Bless Charlotte and her family. The quilt is beautiful, and I am sure she is enjoying it.

Barb said...

What a sweet sweet story, and wonderful quilts. I am sure she would love a doll quilt.

Beautiful crazy peicing quilt! Thank you for popping over to my little blog. I am glad to hear all your daughters treatments have kicked cancer in the face! Best, Caroline

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