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Saturday, December 15, 2018

A Tattoo'd Gnome?!

Have you ever seen a tattoo'd gnome? Me, either! But when Amanda (@weirdalice81) messaged me about testing my Gnomenclature pattern and mentioned how she was dying to make rebel gnomes, I was sold! Meet the most rebellious gnome of all: 


And his friends..

So creative!

The backstory to the above group of gnomes is that a few months ago, I did a pattern for an upcoming Riley Blake fabric line called Gnome & Gardens by Shawn Wallace. (coming out in Feb. 2019!) The prints are so cute!

I decided to call it "Gnomenclature". Meet the more buttoned-up Gnomes of "Gnomenclature". A small and mischievous group of gardeners, equipped with every tool they might need to harvest their dinner.⛏ I think the rake, or possibly the hoe, is my favorite.

But check out some of the creative ways that my pattern testers made their blocks-- 

I love the batik leaves in the background and the little curls in the beard made by Joanne (@turtlequilterjo).

This one's beard looks like it has dreadlocks, made by Jeri (@flannelladybug).

And the print in the gray beard, made by Nicole (@ohionicolequilts).

They're super cute in all kinds of fabrics! And the dotty mushrooms! Polka dots are my fav!

Sweet l
ightning bolt mushrooms..

And here's the finished quilt top from Jeri. So cute! I love her fabrics, too. I've never met a fabric I didn't like. haha #fabricaddict

All the tools and the handles are interchangeable, and the smaller mushrooms can be interchanged so you can change up the blocks to your liking.

I still can't get over that tattoo'd gnome, though. He's so original! 🍄 

That's the story of these little mushroom-gardening gnomes. Happy Saturday! I hope you're having a good weekend!


P.S. Mark your calendars! Sew Fresh Quilts & I are doing a joint HP sew along. More info coming in January!


I am totally cracking up at the band of rebel gnomes!!! They are still all so adorable even though they are tough!!!! I love these guys! Well done as always!!!

All the gnomes are great!! The Rebel Gnomes are a total crackup!!

Love your pattern and the wonderful gnomes created by your testers! They’re so much fun!

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