Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Don't Be Bamboozled..

Bamboozle this quilt instead! ;) Sharing another quilt today that I never did blog about. 

It kind of screamed that it wanted to be called Bamboozle to me since pandas love bamboo, and it's a pretty easy and quick make.

I drew it up when Riley Blake requested a panda quilt for an upcoming fabric line (Last year! That's how behind on blogging I am!), called Panda Love by Kelly Panacci. 

It's a pixelated style, but it is NOT hundreds of tiny squares. Because who has that kind of time!? I mean unless the squares are different colors. Then yes! But when the squares are the same color.. no! NoNoNo. Not enough No in the land of No. That would take too much time. I'm lazy like that. ha! It is just separated into large blocked sections and pieced. It's a lap size or a good toddler size quilt.

Three very kind ladies agreed to test it for me, and they each put their own spin on it. My pal Lisa, from Lisa Lisa & the Quilt Jam, made hers for a neighbor who had a baby, and used all fabric from her stash. 🙌 I will applaud that every.single.time. Because you know, if you've been quilting very long, you probably have a fabric stash that is threatening to bury you alive. So using it could save your life. Fabric is life saving. We should buy more!


They all did a great job, and I think they all ended up sewing them from their stash, because the Panda Love fabric wasn't out yet at testing time.


I love how it's the same pattern, but everyone's is unique to them and their own personal taste. I feel like I always say that, but I'm always amazed. I just love it.


This one is available in kits, too!  You can find it in the original Panda Love fabrics at

..and in a Timeless Treasures batik line, from Hancock's Paducah. Which looks really cool and outdoorsy. 

The pattern is in my Craftsy shop, too, if you are drawn to the panda and want to try making one from your own stash. ;) It might give you some breathing room. Although we all know the fabric multiplies when we're not looking.  So we might as well just keep buying the cute fabric, right? haha!

Oh! And I love this one that was spotted on Instagram from Michelle. I love the linen-y color and the solid borders!  


In other news, I can't believe we're five days into December..and our Christmas tree isn't even up yet. And my parents will be here in two weeks. And this place needs a good cleaning! And what was I thinking joining a blog challenge?*breathing into a paper bag* Off I go!

Happy Wear-a-Smile Wednesday! 😄 

P.S. If you want to read more of the quilty blogs in the challenge, you can find them here. 


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Super cute and perfect for a baby quilt! I just decorated two days ago, so you aren't too far behind! Deep breaths!! You can do it!!

Lisa Lisa said...

I loved making the Bamboozle quilt! So fast & fun! I kinda want to make one for myself :) You're not alone in the Christmas decorating procrastination. My fall wreath is still hanging on the front door. Ha ha!

This is such a super cute pattern that would look good no matter what fabrics you choose. You simply can't go wrong!

Rachel said...

Neat pattern! And I like your "not enough no in the land of no" phrase. lol!

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