Saturday, December 8, 2018

7 reasons door quilts should be a thing

Happy Saturday! Let's talk mini quilts! A long, long time ago, I drew up the word "Love" in cursive on graph paper. I started stitching it up and it was just too big. So earlier this year, I decided to shrink it and make a mini for our front door for Valentine's Day. 

It's all patchwork..

..and I used these Riley Blake Shine Bright fabrics.

I liked it so much, I decided to make more! The next holiday was St. Patrick's Day, so I made "Luck".

In the meantime, I decided to call them the "Keeping Cursive Alive" mini quilts, since they no longer teach cursive to kids in elementary school. Did you know that? I'm kind of appalled so I got my son a cursive practice workbook so he could learn it anyway over the summer. haha 

Here's a Love mini made by @feerin_handmade on instagram (she added extra borders):

Then I thought, why aren't door quilts more of a thing? Maybe they are and I just haven't noticed it? But if they aren't, let's make them one!! Because, look:

Come along for the ride...


1. Birds won't nest in them and poop on your welcome mat.

2. They can be rolled up and stored in a drawer and therefore won't take up valuable real estate in big plastic bins or hanging in closets.

3. You can wash them if they get dirty or dusty.

4. They won't fall apart.

5. They cost virtually nothing since they can be made 100% from scraps. 

6. You can make one in a weekend.

7. You can have one for every single holiday and/or season. (and they will STILL fit in ONE drawer!)

😐😶 I can't think of any!

Are you with me? haha!

So summer flew by, and then Halloween rolled around. I couldn't decide on one, so I did two options for Halloween.


..and eek.

My pal, Lisa, helped me out again by testing the boo pattern while I tested the eek pattern. We both used 100% scraps! Even the backing can be done with a fat quarter that you might have no other plans for. The binding and the batting can be leftovers or pieced with scraps.

We had a virtual sew-in one Friday night, and texted each other pics as we went along. It was so much fun. You can pretty much stitch it up in an evening. Definitely over a weekend's worth of free time. They are quick to piece.

Now I'm working on a Christmas one that I'll share soon. All of these patterns are in my Craftsy shop, but BOO/EEK is also a paper pattern. I'll be combining LOVE/LUCK into a paper pattern too. 

In the meantime, I'll just be over here "Keeping Cursive Alive" stitching up cursive Christmas cheer. haha Hopefully it's done so I can show you in a few days. I still can't believe they quit teaching cursive in school! 😲

I hope you're having a good weekend! We STILL haven't started decorating for Christmas! Yikes. But I hope to get my Christmas door quilt done by Monday. And the tree up next week.



Oh wow, they are super cute! I especially like "Luck" and the little bird in the patch on the top. It's great that they use so many lovely scraps and it makes them so interesting to look at.

Our school system is teaching cursive in 2nd grade. I was shocked when my son came home with the worksheets from class.

MissPat said...

Yes, I have a number of door quilts and really want to do a few more. There's a Christmas tree on the front door right now. It is a shame that cursive writing is consider not necessary. Not that my cursive handwriting is anything to get excited about, but one of my quilter buddies has beautiful handwriting (she went to Catholic school).

Door quilts are a great idea! And Keeping Cursive Alive is perfect!! My boys did learn it a teeny bit in elementary school, but basically they can sign their names in cursive and that's about it! You quilts are so fun and sweet! I look forward to seeing what your Christmas one wil be!!

Those are all so cute and such a great idea.

Lisa Lisa said...

I love your pros list! Ha ha! It was so much fun doing the virtual sew-in with you! Let's do that again soon, OK? **I wish I could have commented with a cursive font!!

Ohio just passed a bill requiring cursive in the schools again. I've used block letters in things, but never thought to use cursive. Cursive is prettier. I used to make 12' square mini quilts for gifts to family and friends. I should start that back, since they all have the mini quilt frames to hang them on.

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