Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fidget Spinner Quilt

Hi! 👋

I have another new quilt to share today! Well, new to my blog, anyway. It's been around for a bit, but I haven't shared it here. When trying to name this one, the shape reminded me of a fidget spinner. 😄

Actually, my first thought was "tilt-a-whirl" but that name seemed to have been used a lot already. After looking at it a bit more, I realized it looked like a fidget spinner. We had a couple of those around our house, as my son had gone through a fidget spinner phase. Are those still a thing? They were all the rage three or so years ago. And this quilt really seems to be spinning, so that became the name!

It's a one block quilt that is  super easy to stitch up! There are even different bonus looks!

The "blocked" look:

And the "patchwork" look:

It finishes at 80x80" but can be easily adjusted by adding or subtracting blocks! And it can be fat quarter friendly!

@islandtimequilting on Instagram made a small patchwork version!

She also made a full size quilt, the first one that I had seen "in the wild". ha! I love the colors!

And just today, I spotted this one, made by @claudiacrump on Instagram! I love the black background and bright colors!

Here are some other colors that I have mocked it up in for Timeless Treasures:

I love the swirly movement and versatility. This pattern is in my Craftsy shop just waiting to be taken out for a 'whirl'. 💃 ha! This one hasn't gotten as much attention as some of my other novelty type patterns, but I'm still really proud of it. It's a good stash buster, and I like geometric designs, especially "spinny" ones. haha!

Hey! It's wear-a-smile Wednesday again! I hope you're wearing a smile today and having a good week. Thanks for reading along!



What a great quilt! I just read earlier today that you are writing Harry Potter patterns for a quilt along. How cool!

Wonderful! I love the movement of this pattern! And the name is just perfect.

Oh wow! I love this! Yea, Fidget Spinner is a perfect name! I have two teen boys so we had those in the house too! I tried one and I stink at spinning them!!! This pattern I have to get!! Soooo glad you have been blogging and showing us all your fabulous quilts!!!

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