Friday, December 14, 2018

Harry Potter & a blog blunder

(Linda.. For the One Giant Stitch quilt, I used Crayola Kaleidoscope basics for the solid colors.)

Huge apologies if you follow my blog by email and got a couple of accidental posts delivered to your inbox last night. More on that in a minute. But first, HARRY POTTER! Stay tuned in 2019 for the next free sew along. (I will finish my Pokémon blocks by then! ha!)

I had been planning it for sometime next year, when I saw that Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts was planning one, too. So, we decided to do them at the same time! That way people can mix and match blocks if they want! So stay tuned for more info! These guys were super fun to draw up. Several of them I did on my own, but the characters are adapted from pixelated images and tweaked to fit.

I was torn between the dark lavender/light purple background, or a burgundy background, but the burgundy, even the lighter shades seemed to drown out the browns in the quilt a bit. So, I think I'm going with this lighter purple shade for the background, but you can pick any color you want, of course! Who knows, I might end up changing my mind about the background shade again before the sew along starts to an even lighter shade of purple or lighter burgundy.. I keep changing my mind! hmmm.

So stay tuned & make plans to sew along! I'm still working out some details like fabric reqs etc. so more info to come in January!

Now onto my blunder. *hangs head in shame* haha! I hadn't looked at my bloglovin profile settings in ages. Until last night, that is, when I realized that not only was the profile picture from nine yrs. ago, but I had also changed from the blogspot URL to a shorter, more user-friendly one. So that made me wonder if I need to "CLAIM MY BLOG" for the new URL, too. Remember claiming your blog when we all first signed up for bloglovin? I wasn't sure if I needed to, even though the old URL redirects to the new one. So I decided I should try for good measure. I followed the directions and pasted the code it gave me into a new post and hit publish just like it said, and it didn't work. It kept telling me to try again. So I kept trying again.

Then, I realized.. oh NO! If any of you have subscribed to my blog through email, you probably got an email every single time I hit publish. ??? So if you got any weird emails that said something about follow with bloglovin, or paste code, or start writing here, or something, you have my HUGEST apologies. I'm a dork. haha! 😳😬 

Oh! Also, I love to read your comments and try to respond to all of them, but if you have commented and/or asked a question, and I haven't responded, I promise I'm not ignoring you! Some of you come back as "no reply bloggers" with no email address enabled, so when I respond, it bounces back to me. If I can't respond to a question via email, I'll try to post the answer at the top of the next post.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend!



Jfelb said...

Phew! I got a couple of those messages and was trying to remember my bloglovin password to continue to follow you. Was glad to get this post. I better finish up Pokémon as well so I'm ready for the next adventure with you. Minecraft was fun too. Thanks in advance Kelli!

MissPat said...

I follow by email (not Bloglovin') and didn't get any odd messages. I even checked by spam folder.

Thank you for the fabric info! I love the texture on the ones you used.

OMG a Harry Potter quilt! I can't wait!

margaret said...

i'm excited to follow along!

I will be looking for Harry...
Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas,🎄🎄🎄
Or however you may celebrate the season, hope it's grand. 😉

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