Sunday, December 2, 2018

In life.. Stitch Happens

Wow! This is how neglected my blog is--I first drafted this post on Nov. 9, 2017! Over a year ago. I just found it in my draft folder. It never got finished.

November 9, 2017

Hi there! I'm so happy it's almost Friday! It's been a busy week, and tomorrow is Pokemon Friday, too!

But first, I wanted to share a new pattern that I just published! I'm super excited about this one. It's called Stitch Happens. It came about a few months ago, when Riley Blake asked me to design a sewing machine quilt for their Quilt Market booth using their hashtags and kisses basics, and with the certain size dimensions that they needed. 

Stitch happened, alright. Little did I know that this pattern, that I was trying to announce the release of, would take over my year this year, and pretty much my life. I spent most of 2018 ordering more hard copies and then stuffing those copies for orders that I could barely keep up with. Thank you, thank you for the pattern-💟 for this little wall-hanging-that-could! I had no idea that it would be so well received. I still have a hard time believing it, and I sometimes wonder where all of these patterns are going!

The quilt first hung in Riley Blake's Fall Quilt Market booth in 2017. Okay their picture 🠟 is way cooler than mine 🠝.

Then in the Spring Timeless Treasures Quilt Market booth in 2018. 

There have been kits and sew-alongs I've seen online..

..and I've caught sight of it in the background of shop or festival pictures here and there. 

It's been used in classes, and on class schedule advertisements.

I've seen it in scraps and prints and solids and you name it. It's been so much fun to see how creative people are, and how different the same pattern can be interpreted. 

It even landed on the top sellers page at Checker Distributors' website at #2 between two Elizabeth Hartman patterns for a couple of minutes! Mind blown.   

I just had NO IDEA that it would take off like that. And just can't thank everyone enough for the support for this pattern and my little business this year.

And thanks to for hosting this 31-day blog challenge! It's been fun so far digging through this neglected space and tuning things up! And reading other blogs that are participating.

Day 2/31 is in the books! See you tomorrow!



MissPat said...

Because I am not on Facebook, this is the first I have seen this really cute pattern. I hope you will continue to blog more once the challenge is over. I'm not the only quilter who doesn't used Facebook. I will confess though that I skipped the Pokemon posts because I had no need for them. Glad to have you back, if only for a month.

How fun to unearth that blog post and attach it to all the awesome ways people are making your quilt!!! Whan I got your last post, I did see that pattern and I am now going to purchase it! It is so different from others that I have seen and I adore the tiny flying geese going down the needle!! Congrats on such a well-received and popular pattern!!!

Unknown said...

WOW Kelli! I've seen this pattern numerous times but had no idea you were the designer behind it! Congratulations, this is one great pattern!! Thank you!

Lisa Lisa said...

I just love your Stitch Happens pattern, and I came across my pink & black one that I started last year when things got all crazy here. I need to finish it so I can hang it up in my sewing room!! Now I'm going to see if I have any blog post drafts hanging out on my blog. Ha ha!

It's such a good pattern and I've enjoyed seeing it pop up in instagram posts around the world!

I've seen your pattern all over the place. I just won a large stack of 5" striped charm squares from my little guilds holiday party. I was thinking of using them to make thread spool blocks. This pattern would be fun to use for the center of the quilt. I wonder what it would look like with some fun stripe fabrics included?

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