Tuesday, December 11, 2018

One Giant Stitch for Mankind

**Edit** Since the changes over at Craftsy, this pattern is no longer available there, so you can find it at my Etsy shop by clicking here! Thank you Debra for letting me know!

In response to Terri's question in the comments, I believe Riley Blake is kitting this one, so keep an eye out!

Today I wanted to share my latest quilt pattern, called One Giant Stitch for Mankind. And why it just might be my very favorite!

Several months ago, Riley Blake asked me to come up with a design of a certain size for their Fall 2018 Quilt Market booth, using their Nasa-licensed fabric line, Out of This World which you can find here.

My son loves all things space, and it was always on my bucket list to see a space shuttle launch. I was so sad when they discontinued the shuttle program, and I would never get to see a launch. (I remember watching the launches at school, on the big heavy TV that rolled around on a big cart. I'm old! I also remember where I was at school the year that the Challenger - carrying the first teacher to go to space - failed on launch. So many memories!) We've now modified our "family bucket list" to include viewing a SpaceX rocket launch.

All this to say YES, I will work with a Nasa licensed product and make something to represent it at Quilt Market! Any time!! Yesyesyes!

So I shared a couple of fabric photos on social media and it led to a facebook message from Vicky, asking about it. We messaged back and forth and I found out that she had WORKED ON THE SHUTTLE PROGRAM. And her dad and grandpa had worked at Kennedy Space Center. Amazing. The history they must've all witnessed over the years. So amazing. The world is full of interesting people with unique stories!

It turns out that Vicky is a quilter and had made a quilt out of all of the shuttle mission patches. And check out this picture she sent me! She loves to take this quilt around to shows and share it.

It's so amazing.  Then I saw this photo posted on her Facebook page. Mind blown. Soo amazing! I keep saying amazing. I need another adjective. Breathtaking! Wow, would I love to have been there holding a corner of that quilt that day. How exciting!

Photos used with Vicky's permission.

I feel so lucky to have "met" her while stitching this quilt up! Here are a couple of sneak peek photos of One Giant Stitch that I was able to share while making it.

Another reason this one was so much fun to make and tugs at my heart strings so much is because my son is super into science, and just this past April, we had visited Kennedy Space Center while in Florida for a family wedding.

The fallen astronaut memorial is so
somber and touching.

We thought fifth grade would be a great age to take it all in (it was!) and we were especially excited to see one of the retired shuttles, the Atlantis, up close and in person. I knew it would be awesome, but I wasn't at all prepared for just how awesome it would be.

When I saw it for the first time, and how big it was, realizing just how far it had gone from earth and returned, and then seeing my son taking it all in, in awe, I got choked up! Like, real tears! You know, the tickle in your nose feeling. Speechless awe. It was beyond. Chills. Misty eyes trying not to ugly cry. I felt like such a nerd, but really, it's THAT amazing.

So this quilt, made the same year that we got to go see a shuttle with my space-loving son, and *meeting* Vicky and hearing her story, will just always have a special place in my heart. Pat Roche did the quilting on it, I always love her quilting choices. She's my fav! 

To cap it off, Riley Blake's booth also won the blue ribbon for Best Multiple Booth at Fall Quilt Market! 

An all around good time! I love this one. The pattern was released on Friday and is now in my Craftsy shop. If you'd like to make one with the Nasa fabric you can find it here at the Fat Quarter Shop. I'm announcing the winners of the pattern copies that I'm giving away this evening on Instagram & Facebook, so if you haven't entered yet, you have a few hours left! Head over to the giveaways posts on Instagram or Facebook. And keep yours eyes out here, and on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, because Riley Blake has generously donated some of the Nasa fabric for me to give away. As soon as it arrives, and I have all the details, I'll let you know! Be sure to be following along, by clicking on the icons at the top up there!

Happy stitching! Hope your week is out of this world! 



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Lisa Lisa said...

I love this one, Kelli, as you already know :) And the whole Vicky story is amazing! (There's that word again!)

What a great quilt. We took our sons to NASA in Florida many years ago. They had just had the premier party for Armageddon there the night before (the stands were still set up). When we got to the command room for the Gemini launches (with the huge computer in there) hubby pulled out his Palm Pilot and showed the boys that it had more computing memory than the huge computer in the room. Without NASA's achievements, the world would be so much further behind, tech wise.

What a great quilt - love the name of it too.

Fantastic quilt and the stories along with it! So glad y'all got to visit the space center and that your son enjoyed it. It is something to see, that's for sure! When I was 3-6 years old, we lived on Merritt Island, FL and my Daddy worked at Cape Canaveral. I remember watching the Apollo launches on tv and then running outside to see them go up into the sky! Our windows would rattle and the ground even shook some! What a sight to see! I didn't know about the NASA fabric! Thanks for sharing all this great info!!

Fabulous quilt!!! My cousin was Sally Ride's partner for 25+ years, so I need to make this quilt for her as kind of a memorial. You really did a marvelous job on this quilt!

Marilyn said...

Kelli, just have to say that I find your quilt designs to be unique and extremely clever. Congratulations on the launch of this new one!

dianne said...

wow ... just, wow!!!

I HAVE to make this ... for ME!!!

I love this pattern. I’m making it for my husband who’s a space traveler at heart.
I’ve ordered the NASA fabrics but would like to know the fabric line you used for the orange red, orange, yellow etc.

Heide said...

Fantastic quilt, Congrats on the blue ribbon!

Cindyld said...

I think your new quilt pattern is one of the most original quilts I've seen this year. I wish I knew someone to make it for because I love it! Who knows, maybe someone will jump onto my radar. I'm definitely going to make a Harry Potter quilt though. Keep up with the cute patterns! Jadahlgr at yahoo dot com

Kris said...

That is one crazy cool quilt that any child would love!

Susan said...

Awesome quilt, both for your son and for the use of the fabric. Years ago, my hubby worked on programming a robot to weld the Space Shuttle engines. I miss there launches also.

JL said...

The photo of Vicky with her quilt was taken at MQX last April. You might also look up Brian Erickson's quilt as it was just as dramatic. It was an honor to have them both at MQX Quilt Festival.

Is this quilt available in a kit?

Debra said...

Doesn’t seem to be available on Craftsy any more? Where can we purchase pattern?

Maria said...

Kelli I'd love to buy this pattern but can't find where to buy it ? Can you help?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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