Sunday, December 23, 2018

Ryno the Rhino

I shared the first memory bear I made, so today I thought I'd share the second memory bear stuffie that I made using a shirt from my late MIL, for my nephew and his wife's baby boy. Meet Ryno the Rhino..

My nephew is named Ryan, and my MIL, his nana, used to call him Ryno, and get him all kinds of Rhino gifts for birthdays & Christmases.  So when he & his wife found out they were having a baby boy, I thought it'd be perfect if I could somehow make a memory rhino instead of a memory bear.

I must have searched for weeks, trying to find a rhino pattern that I thought I could make, plus that would look good in the shirt I had decided to use for it. There are so many patterns, of all shapes and sizes. Some were the limp and bean-baggy type, suitable for fleece-type fabric. Some were round and butter-ballish shaped. But the one I decided on had a more realistic shape, or at least it seemed like it to me. It's from berylclairesark on etsy.

The thing was, it seemed to be made out of felt. With some structure. And I was using a cotton chambray shirt of my MIL's, with a small ticking stripe on it. But I decided to give it a go. 

I'm not a champion hand stitcher or stuffed animal maker. So don't look too close. Some of the hand stitching gave me fits. Like stitching the pads of the feet by hand AFTER the legs were stuffed. Or stitching the stuffed horn onto the stuffed head. But the eye and forehead wrinkles, those were so much fun!!

He wasn't perfect, but I was still pleased with how he turned out! He turned out so cute! And by some act of pure luck, look at his little bootie and the bit of matching stripes! How did that even happen! What are the odds..

(I used some little strips of the red stripe and red ric rac for the tuft of hair at the end of his tail.) I mean, forget that he is completely bow-legged and has some sort of hip problem and doesn't stand straight up like the one on the pattern cover. Let's overlook that. haha! He's so cute! I should really stick to 2D stitching though. 😊


I thought his face needed some wrinkly rhino character so using just a needle and thread, I gathered up some wrinkles and gave him some expression.

His red foot pads and horns were from the inside of the collar and cuffs of the shirt, the blue stripe was the main shirt fabric. I tied a red polka dot bow around his neck since my MIL's favorite color was red (like mine) and she was a polka dot fan (like me). I think my MIL would like knowing that a little piece of her is with her great grandsons that she never got to meet in person.

Thanks for stopping by! If you make a memory rhino, I'd love to see it. Or any kind of stuffed rhino. 

Happy Sunday!



Kelli, this is really really precious.
I am very impressed with how this turned out.

I think he is precious! ( and I just made a fabric whale that gave me fits, and is crooked, and looks like it has trout lips, and falls over, and have come to the same decision to stick with quilts😂😂😂)

Jane said...

Kelli, he is wonderful!! I so like all the personality you gave him bow legged and all. If I was the one getting him I'd be so excited you couldn't shut me up. Keep making stuffies. Jane

What an adorable rhino! I do love the concept of memory quilts and bears, and the rhino fits right in!! Isn't it funny how something small seems to take the most work?!? Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

Ryno is adorable and holds so many memories!!! I once made a baby quilt, two doll quilts and a pillow case for a family where the backing included their grandmother's nightgown...they loved it. I have a bunch of my mother's clothing (none of it cotton) and when my dad joins her, I'll have all of his clothing...I'm looking at making quilts and stuffies for my 3 daughters and 4 grandbabies with some of it. The way you gave Ryno so much personality with his wrinkles, encourages me to give it a go...even though I feel so much more secure with quilts!! Have a blessed Christmas with those you love.

Karen said...

Your rhino looks fantastic and has lots of character. Great job!

Angie said...

Awesome Ryno the Rhino! Super cute! Enjoy your holidays! :-) :-)

Kelli this is adorable!! Love the stripes and I'm sure it will be loved and treasured!

Ryno is adorable! You did a great job on him, especially the face.

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