Saturday, December 1, 2018

The 31 Day Blogging Challenge

..becauase fabric photos are awesome!

Hi, bloggiverse! 👋 

Welcome! Knocking the cobwebs 🕸 down over here again, and in an effort to start the new year out blogging more, I'm joining Cheryl Sleboda at for the 31 day blog challenge in December!

If you're visiting from there, and are here for the first time, extra-welcome! You could click my "about" tab to learn my crazy story, if you're so inclined, or the "patterns" tab to see what I've been up to for the last five years, or you could just pop back in every day to see what kind of family secrets I end up spilling since I don't think I've ever posted every day for 31 days straight and have no idea what I will write about if I run out of sew-y things. 😮

It will be nice to get back to blogging more regularly. I kind of miss posting and documenting. This was always kind of a scrapbook for me. A scrapbook of life. Right here is where it all started, and I've made some realllly good friends from it, and had some life-changing opportunities because of it. So December is about giving more love back to my blog! And connecting with you all again!

I hope you'll stick around! I'm looking forward to checking in on everyone else doing the challenge, too. 😄

Be back soon! Tomorrow! 



I wish you well on your challenge. I think I am going to try it too.

Lisa Lisa said...

Kelli! How many years ago did we meet in this bloggiverse? It seems like 20, but I think it's only been about 5 or 6. Let's keep each other accountable during this challenge, OK? We can do it!

This sounds like an interesting challenge. I look forward to your daily posts. It sound really hard to me. Good Luck. It might get me motivated a bit more to post more regularly as I noticed I have dropped off over the last 12 months.

It will be nice to have you blogging more often. You've been missed.

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