Sunday, January 13, 2019

Bottle Rockets Quilt

Hi guys~🎆🎉

Last year, at about this time or maybe even before, I was working on a fireworks quilt design for an upcoming Riley Blake fabric line  called Patriotic Picnic, and my design I called Bottle Rockets. I don't think I ever blogged about it!

It ended up being on the cover of their storyboard.. 

..and I got to work making blocks. Right after I took this picture with the 2x4 firecrackers that my friend made for me the year before! They go perfectly with this fabric! haha 🙌

Anyway, these blocks are simple and super quick! And I used the ric-rac that my late MIL gave to me, that had belonged to HER mother, my hub's Nonna. Who lived in San Francisco in the 30's. I'm not sure if this ric-rac is from the 30's, but it's definitely from the era when ric-rac was 15 cents a pkg. 15 cents! Whoa.

I love incorporating vintage notions into new quilts. Gives them some history and character.💘

All of that ric-rac is vintage, even the tiniest blue!

Lots of things happened, and my quilt got turfed to the back burner, but Riley Blake made one, and so did Huckleberry Quilting Co.! Here's Huckleberry Quilting Co.'s quilt that was shared on Instagram. 


I just love it! Here are some other photos of it!

..and my favorite!↡

And here are a couple of other photos of blocks from Instagram, from @fijimamaquilts, and @ticketzamboni. I love the different fabrics!

These blocks are simple and quick, and precut friendly, and scrap friendly! Hopefully I can get a few more made for my picnic quilt by July of this year!

I ended up using some of the strip scraps for this simple charity block. I love the fun prints.

If you love this fabric, I just checked and they still have it at, if you go to the site and search "patriotic picnic". I wasn't sure if it would still be around, but it looks like they still have a little left!

You always hear "Christmas in July", so I thought I'd put a little "July in January" 😎, and share another quilt/pattern that I had never blogged about. This one can be found in my Etsy shop

I hope you're all staying warm this winter! 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Sunday!



Such a fun quilt! Those vintage ric racs are such a treasure to have and to be able to use!!! I love reading your blog!!!

Ruth said...

I have some of that really thin, small ric-rac in the 15 cent package. I noticed that it isn't sold at Jo-Ann's Fabrics. I like it for baby stuff, being so tiny.

Cute quilt. I also love using vintage trims when I can.

Sew dang cute! I love this quilt and the rick rack adds such a fun touch!

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