Friday, January 11, 2019

Fun Fabric Friday!


The best kind of Friday is a fun fabric Friday! I finally have my hands on the Moda Bella solids that I picked for my Harry Potter quilt! Many thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop, who kitted them up for the sew along.💗 (button in the right sidebar)

No filters were used for the photo, the colors are really that happy! 

Fun fact: they are laying on my favorite really fun and colorful rug that is big enough to fill my entryway, that I found at a discount store for $11! It was so cheap, I went back and got the other one just like it, so that when this one gets gross and worn out, I'll have a new one to replace it. Sometimes you hit the lottery at Home Goods. Or Ross. I can't remember which one it was!

I digress. 

Back to fabric! When this much anticipated box of textile cheer arrived, I decided to make a little unboxing video, and proceeded to make the lamest unboxing video in the history of Lameville to post in  my Instastories. haha! But it was fun playing with a couple of apps on my phone for a few minutes.. I was just so excited to see them in person, and see the colors up close since I had only seen digital swatches. 

I can't wait to cut into these and start on some blocks! I've been super busy dicing up the blocks into sections and diagrams for the posts. I am ready for this sew along to start already! And turn that stack of color up there into a great big this:

Another fun fact.. the background color is actually called "Mauve". Yes, mauve. In any other area of my life, on any other day, just the word mauve would make me break out in hives. Mauve. Ew. Remember the 80's? I was a kid, but I can still remember all of the mauve/pink stuff. But THIS Moda Bella Mauve. Be still my 💓. It's more of a yummy dusky purple. 

Dusky purple. Now if someone were describing your skin tone.. no. No good. But fabric? YES PLEASE. I'm in love with this color for the background! 

You can find links to the kit and background fabric over there in the right sidebar, or on the sew along page. There's a link to yardage reqs. on the sew along page, too, if you want to sew your stash, or find other colors! 

I'm so looking forward to getting started! The intro post is in just FOUR DAYS! And the first block is a week from tomorrow! 

Harry will be up first, on the 19th. (If you want to make him accurate to the books, you might want to change his eyes to green!)

Aidan from @thegeekyquilter has been testing the first two block posts for me,(*note the green eyes!) and I can't wait to stitch some up this weekend and get this sew along started next week! 

Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for popping by! Be back soon!



The Harry Potter sew along comes about 15 years too late for the fans in my house sadly, but I might just have to do one or 2 and make them into pillows. I always enjoy your posts and wanted to tell you that. You are funny and real 😜

lisa0116 said...

I am excited to start the sewalong! My son is 26. He and I read the first book and then the 2nd book when he was in 2nd grade and his 2nd grade teacher got the audio cassettes for the whole set of books and the kids all brought the books and they made it through the first 3 books that year. We continued at home to read them all and still read the newer books and see all the movies. Once a Harry Potter fan, always a Harry Potter fan. Thank you for the sewalong!

Mauve. Ugh. When I was pregnant in '96 we bought a house that had MAUVE kitchen counters!!! Those countertops brought on waves of nausea EVERY TIME I wiped them for the duration of my pregnancy. Fortunately, we moved in during the seventh or eighth month so it wasn't too awfully long but we never changed them while we lived there and I hated them the whole time. Why would anyone have mauve countertops???

When they filmed the 1st movie, they tried green contacts on Daniel, but he didn't tolerate them well. After the first scenes were filmed, they just let him stop wearing the contacts, and didn't change the already filmed stuff. Yes, my bridesmaids wore mauve dresses (and I don't like pink). It was THE thing back then.

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