Saturday, January 5, 2019

Gift Guide for Quilters' Mates

Every holiday season, at some point my hub will ask me for some gift ideas, or if there's anything quilty that I'd like as a gift. At the time he asks, it never fails, my memory goes blank, and I can't think of anything to tell him! I always think of things after the fact.

I thought, surely we can't be the only couple in this situation.. so I thought I'd compile a list of fun things, of all different price ranges that I would never mind receiving as gifts and plunk them on a page on my blog. That way, when my hub asks me, and I can't remember anything, I can just text him the link to the page! 

The button is right over there in the sidebar and linked up and live! Let me know if you'd like me to add anything to the page that you might like to receive as a gift! For instance.. 

or something like...

I had lots of fun adding things to the page, and am still in the process of adding more. So many fun "gifty" things, some that don't cost much at all! And the white thread that I use ALL. the. TIME. Which is always a good gift! And lots of other sewing themed items that I found. 

Feel free to paste this link right to the back of your sig. other's phone. haha! 

Happy 2019 everyone! Hope you had a great New Year!

Reminder: Harry Potter Sew Along intro post coming January 15th! The link to the fabric bundle/kit that is available from Fat Quarter Shop is right over there to the right in the sidebar! It's available now! (or come find me on Instagram (@kellifanninquilts) where we are giving one away right now!) There is also a link to the background fabric that I'm using. You can find that on the Harry Potter Sew Along Page, or also right over there to the right! Come sew along in 2019! I've been dicing up the first block this week!

Happy Stitching!



Hubby gifted me the LED lights that you add to your throat space to make it brighter-- I love them!!

Great ideas! I got a thread holder (which I asked for amd showed him right where to get it!)!

Rani said...

Harry Potter sew a long oh my! I can't wait.

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