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Monday, February 4, 2019

Air Kisses All Around

I'm lacking Monday motivation today as far as stitching, and most of the day was taken up with errands, but in an effort to document all of my quilts here, I thought I'd take a few minutes to share this quilt called Air Kisses.

Air Kisses is a large, nine block quilt and pattern that I did in 2016 for a Riley Blake line by Lila Tueller called Paige's Passion. 

I love the large block quilts for a couple of reasons:

1. If I have to make too many of one block, my quilter's ADD kicks in and it ends up in the UFO heap because I've moved onto something else. 😬

2. (redundant) You only have to make NINE blocks and you have a quilt top! πŸ™Œ

3. They make good use of larger prints. I hate to chop up a larger print into small pieces that make its cool design all but disappear. 😡

So these blocks are made up of three nesting x's. This one is done in Seas the Day fabric by Paula and Waffle for Dear Stella.

It hung in the Dear Stella Quilt Market booth in Spring 2017.

It was super easy to stitch up and lots of fun! 

Here's a random block that I did when I was testing the pattern, with larger print and linen for background.

This pattern is in my Etsy shop, just waiting to be taken for a spin. πŸ˜‰ If you ever make one, send me a pic, I'd love to see!

Thanks for popping in on this rainy, cold Monday! 

Hope you're staying warm. With a quilt. πŸ’—

Happy Stitching!



Hej kelli,
It looks just amazing :-) great work! Greetings from denmark, ulrike :-)

Your well of creativeness never runs out! I love all your designs! :)

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