Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Jeepers Quilt

It's midweek, two days to Friday!  Today, I thought I'd share Jeepers, another pattern I did over two years ago, along side of Off-Road, for the same Jeep licensed fabric line release. 

Off-Road (previous post) was more of the blues and greens, and this one included more pinks.

It was super fun to do. Again, no applique or paper piecing, because I just really prefer traditional patchwork, where if you can sew a straight seam, you can make it! 

I guess the good thing about sharing these quilts 2+ years after the pattern release is that I have more pics to share, because people have had a chance to find the pattern and stitch it up.

Here is a quilt that was made for a grandson, with fabrics and scraps that his grandma had collected. He was in the army. She made both Jeep patterns, and put Off-Road on the back. My eyes *may* have misted when I got these pics in an email.

This one was made by @soonerlandsally on Instagram.

Here is a sample of the cover quilt stitched up by @trish.poolson on Instagram.

Here is another version using the Jeep fabrics by @bkchristian2 on Instagram.

And here's one more by @leigh3467 on instagram, and then one of her same quilt, in different lighting, as shown on the @cbusmodernquilters instagram page. 

It's so much fun to see how different a pattern can look depending on fabric choices! Here are a couple more versions, shown in some Tonga batik lines, from the Timeless Treasures website.

And one epic mashup of the two Jeep patterns, that was shared on my FB page from Shirley. She made it for a Jeep loving girl who loves purple. I'm so amazed by all of the creativity in the world! 

If you're inspired to create your own Jeepers quilt (or mashup of the two), this pattern is in my Etsy shop, along with it's little sister, Off-Road, just waiting for you to put your own "spin" on it.😄

Happy Wednesday, and thanks for stopping by!



Keepers is sold out in your Etsy shop, but Off Road is available. I just looked :)
Carol Andrews

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