Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Off-Road Quilt

Today, I thought I'd share about my Off-Road quilt pattern.

I knew I hadn't shared several quilts/patterns here, but I didn't realize HOW many. It seemed like I was playing catch-up constantly for the last couple of years and barely managed to post the patterns to my pattern page!

Off-Road is a pattern I did in 2016 for a Jeep licensed fabric line that Riley Blake did.

This one gave me fits! Trying to make it look 3D without being 3D but still be easily and traditionally pieced (no applique or paper piecing).. and it morphed through many versions of itself before it got here.

For the Jeep purists, the Jeep is famous for it's seven-slotted grill in the front, but there was no way to piece seven slots into that small space. However, you could maybe change it up, and just stitch 7 lengths of ribbon on the front, if you want it to be super authentic. I used a little artistic license and kept it with the three so everything would be pieced. 

One of my pattern testers made hers from fabric in her stash.

@whebsnow on instagram

One of my other testers made hers, and then decided to change up the borders and sent her center block  on a travelling bee where each person added something before sending it on.

@youngtexanmama on Instagram

It sold in kits in the Jeep fabrics..

@kimbascherer on Instagram

And Timeless Treasures has shown it in a couple of their fabric lines on their website.

The dinosaurs scream Jurassic Park to me. 😁 You can find the yardage reqs for it on their site, here.

More recently, I spotted a red one over on Instagram.. 

@hsgotti on Instagram

It's a lap quilt size and it's in my etsy shop if anyone is inspired to take it for a spin! 🚙 I can't believe it took me over two years to blog about it!

Thanks for popping in. Happy Tuesday!



Marty said...

I love this and all the testers! The last one at an angle is way cool too! What fun any little or big boy would love!

Mark said...

I see this is sold out are you going to be printing more for sale?

Another cute quilt. Glad you are posting them again.

Just made a baby quilt. I altered the grill and headlights because the person receiving it is a really hard core off-road Jeeper.
Not sure how to post a picture but here is a link, I hope it works.


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