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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Trailerville Quilt

I can't believe I never blogged about this! Trailerville is another design I did in 2016 for a Riley Blake fabric line called Glamperlicious. 

Above is the cover quilt stitched up by Riley Blake's stitchers. It was super fun to draw up. They wanted a sort of trailer themed quilt. I had seen occasional trailer quilts but never one that included tent trailers. Plus, when we camped as kids, we always camped at a campground, in the woods. So I tried to recreate that feeling. I still remember the excitement of getting to the campground and cruising around looking for just the right camp spot. haha! 🌲🏕

This is one of the blocks for Riley Blake's quilt, stitched up by @aniva_rose on Instagram.

I also had three super testers that made their own versions. First there was my friend, @memrykeeper on Instagram, her daughter stitched it up. I think it was her first quilt? Though I'm not 100% sure on that. She wanted hers to be red, white and blue and it turned out great!

Then there is this one, by @tycasscreates on Instagram. She also did a great job! Love all the greens and soft colors.

Then there was this one by @mamamel781 on Instagram. I think she used Cotton+Steel prints. I love the bright colors and more modern prints, too. They all have such a different look!

 Here it is in it's natural habitat, camping in the woods!😊🌲

I love them ALL! Most recently, it was shown on the Timeless Treasures website in the Tonga Poppy batik line. I would have never pictured in batiks. 😍

It's in my Etsy shop if anyone is inspired to give it a go! Thanks for popping in. It feels good to get some of these designs documented!

Hope you're having a great week! 

Happy Stitching!



I love all the different "tent campers" in your design.

Lisa Lisa said...

You’ve been jamming!! Are you almost caught up on documenting? So many great patterns!

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