Saturday, November 30, 2019

How it went from Pattern to Pin

I am so excited to share this news! It's HERE! It's finally here! I have wanted to turn my most popular pattern, Stitch Happens, into an enamel pin for AGES now! But how??

I started several months ago, by reaching out to a couple of popular pin makers that do pin collabs with makers on Instagram to see if they would partner and do it with me. Because, really, I had no idea how to get it done on my own. But I was met with "no". The pin collab schedules were full. :(

But after my trip to Quilt Market and seeing some really cute enamel pins, I came home determined to just make it happen! I researched different pin companies, reached out to one, and they sent me this proof, (YES YES YES! -- ordered!) which I plugged into my publisher program to design a pin card that it would fit on. Here's the mockup: was a waiting game. From ordering to my doorstep, production time took about three weeks. 

In those three weeks, the small pin cards that I designed arrived, the clear plastic sleeves arrived, and small padded envelopes arrived. I now had everything I needed to package them, I only needed the pins to see if it all fit together. *fingers crossed*

They FINALLY arrived while we were out of town for Thanksgiving. We picked them up yesterday afternoon and look! Here they are! A big box of Stitch Happens enamel pins! They arrive with each one in its own little ziploc bag.

They're 2" enamel pins, so a nice size, and they have two butterfly clasps on the back for support.

I couldn't wait to package one up and see how it all fit together! I'm so happy and relieved to say it all fit perfectly!

I can honestly say, they turned out looking exactly like the proof. I couldn't be happier with them! And the cards and clear sleeves turned out to be the perfect size! 

And from now until Sunday night (to celebrate Small Business Saturday), Robot Mom Sews and I have teamed up for a giveaway of a total of FOUR sets of a tin of her Unicorn Thread Gloss + a Stitch Happens Enamel Pin. Yes, FOUR winners! So if you're on Instagram, head on over *HERE* and enter!

These little pins would make great gifts/stocking stuffers for your sewing/quilting friends, too! They're listed in my Etsy shop *HERE*. I'm just so excited that they're finally a reality. They're so cute!

Feel free to pin or share with anyone you know who might like it!

I hope you're enjoying this long weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with the tutorial for the Ginny Weasley block for the HP quilt. I had several requests for a Ginny.

Oh! I almost forgot! In honor of Small Business Saturday, all patterns in my Etsy shop are 20% from now to Cyber Monday!

Happy Stitching! Stay warm!



GranChris said...

Your'e right a great gift.

From when I saw this post until my order was placed was less than a minute. :D This is a gorgeous pin and I'm so excited to add it to my collection! <3

These are so cute! I think this is my favorite pattern of yours too😊. Congrats on your determination to get it done!♥️:

margaret said...

these are so cute! great job of making it happen!!

CA Bobbie said...

Wowee! I bet I'm a slow reader! By the time I got to your shop they were sold out! I'm definitely getting one asap.

Kris said...

Congrats! your pin looks super!!

Wow a huge congratulations. These are so sweet. They are so colorful and pretty. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

I'm not on Instagram. What is Unicorn thread gloss? Is is a thread conditioner?

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