Friday, November 15, 2019

Oscar's Minecraft Charity Quilt

a.k.a. my first time organizing a group quilt. This past Spring, while at my parents' house in the midwest for Spring Break, I got a message on Etsy from Michelle. She had seen my listing for the free Minecraft tutorials, and wondered if I had any quilts for sale. It turns out, Michelle volunteers at Montefiore Children's Medical Center (<-- I linked it to their 'DONATE' page in case you feel inclined to donate in support of Oscar) in the Bronx, setting up rooms for children that come in for bone marrow transplants

 Since these children go through some tough days/weeks and spend much of their time in isolation,  she tries to set up and fill their rooms with things they love. She had a little boy coming in who was a huge Minecraft fan and she was looking for a quilt for him.

I don't have any ready made quilts to sell, but I put out a message on my FB page, in the sew along group *HERE*, and by the next morning, (mostly within twenty minutes!) I had volunteers from all over the world (13 states and four countries) willing to send a block. I received the first block the day after we got home from our trip! And another volunteer, when finding out we had enough blocks coming already, sent along some money to help with the backing, batting, and binding. 💗 You all know who you are, and thank you so much for being part of this "many hands make light work project"!

After that it was off to the races stitching the sashing and putting them all into a quilt top, except it was turning out so big, I started thinking maybe it would be easier to use in the hospital if it were a smaller lap size. So his name blocks, and a few other blocks went onto the back so he could enjoy it from both sides! I quilted it with simple straight lines, finished the binding and sent it on its way. 

But not before attaching this small label to the back lower corner with best wishes from all who participated. It's so fun to see where all the blocks came from!

It was so amazing and humbling and FUN to be a part of his journey, and it couldn't have happened without the help of so many generous quilters and one very generous mom (who has three small children of her own!) who donates her time at Montefiore and decided to message me one night!! Thank you, Michelle!

Several weeks later, I got these pictures of Oscar and his quilt from Michelle. I have covered faces since he's not my child and I have no way of getting his mom's permission to post their photos online. It was so touching to see him with his quilt. His smile says it all!

His family didn't speak much English but his coordinator translated this thank you message for Michelle to send along to everyone who donated. 

It's the sweetest. ((💗))

I can't believe it's been three years since the year of the Minecraft sew along and my son's epic 10th birthday quilt! (and I can't believe he's 13 now!) I had no idea it would turn into what it did. I had just set out to make my son a birthday quilt and decided to blog about it as I went. But it's been so much fun seeing everyone's Minecraft quilts, and a great big scoop of icing on the cake to make this group quilt for Oscar, with so many people from so many different places, in hopes to make his bone marrow transplant process a little bit cheerier.

**I've just recently heard from Michelle again, and another couple of quilts are in the works for a couple of kids at Montefiore, this time not Minecraft.. I will share them when they're complete.**

Thanks for popping in, to read the story of Oscar's quilt. You can still find all the Minecraft tutorials on the sew along page *HERE*. And you can still order the Minecraft sew along bundle from Fat Quarter Shop by clicking the image to the right over there in the sidebar. 

See you soon with the Professor McGonnagal quilt block tutorial!

Have a great weekend, and happy stitching!



Beth said...

That is so special Kelli! You are wonderful to organize it.

MissPat said...

What a wonderful story. Thank you for coordinating it. I bet the back side will be just as popular with Oscar as the front.
Thank you for continuing to make the Minecraft tutorial available. My youngest grandson is a big fan, so I'm hoping to make one for him for his birthday in July. And I'm so glad to hear the FQS has fabric bundles still available because my stash is pretty light on solid colors.

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