Saturday, February 15, 2020

Gnomeo Pin & Gnome Mini Quilts

You guys! The Stitch Happens enamel pin was so much fun to do, (It's now available for distribution through Checker!), I decided to do a second enamel pin. This one I did, based on my Gnomenclature quilt pattern, and I named him Gnomeo. Because.. gnomes and hearts. *swoon* haha! He's got a little heart on his tunic and a passion for seam ripping. (I wish he lived next to my sewing machine!) 💘 Meet Gnomeo..

>>Gnomeo Enamel Pin<<

He's currently in my Etsy shop. You can find him by clicking on the caption under his photo. I know I'm biased, because I designed him, but he's soo cute in person! Like I said, he was based off of this pack of gardening gnomes.⇊

>>Gnomenclature Quilt Pattern<<

But for the pin, I thought he'd be cute with a seam ripper, instead of gardening tools.. but then I thought hey! This seam ripping gnome would make a cute mini quilt! So I drew him into a pattern! And stitched him up!

Then! When my friend Amy was helping me test the pattern, she mentioned something about him having a girlfriend. Hm.. are girl gnomes even a thing? We set out googling. Then, I started trying to sketch a girl and it just wasn't working. Her hair looked weird, the proportions looked off and I pretty much gave up on the idea. Then I had an idea for her braids! 

And changed her proportions just a bit, gave her some scissors (she runs with them sometimes!), and Juliet was born! 

Because Gnomeo's girlfriend HAD TO BE NAMED Juliet!

And that, in a very roundabout way, is how the Gnomeo & Juliet Mini Quilts pattern came to be.

>>Gnomeo & Juliet Mini Quilts<<

They arrived just in time for a fun Valentine giveaway that's going on over on my IG and FB page, and FB sew along group. And Kim of RobotMomSews is also doing the same giveaway on her IG so there are FOUR places to enter! 

It's been super fun working on these little gnomes. I made mine with fabric called On the Bright Side by Sandy Gervais/Riley Blake because I loved the colors and the nature-y prints! They seemed really gnome-ish to me. Juliet is sporting a heart on her dress, too, and they will both hang on the wall in my sewing space. If I ever have a dedicated sewing space. haha! Right now it's the dining room. 

That's the story of how a quilt pattern inspired an enamel pin, that became a quilt pattern.🤣

I hope you're having a great weekend! I'll be back soon with the Flying Key tutorial for the Harry Potter page. Thanks for dropping in for a read!

Happy Stitching from Gnomeo!



elincp said...

LOVE your shoes! They are just as cute as your gnomes!!! :)

The pin and the blocks are sew cute! I'm not on IM or FB, oh well.

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